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Technology is an amazing medium to manage tasks and stay engaged. Computers allow us to stay connected with friends and watch our favorite content. Similarly, you can watch your favorite programs and documentaries on some quality TV channels like Reelz channel extra. But spending too much time in front of a TV or computer can be harmful to your kids. This guide will discuss how much screen time is enough and how to limit screen time. Read on to know more about this.

How Much Screen Time Is Too Much?

The appropriate amount of screen time can vary from person to person. This is because your kid might be using his/her computer extra for both studying and entertainment. So, as a parent, you have to determine whether this amount of screen time is appropriate or not.

How to Limit Screen Time?

If you think your kid is spending too much time in front of the screen, you can use several ways to limit it. Some of the tried and tested ones are:

Set a Good Example

If you are spending too much time in front of the screen, your kids are going to imitate you. So, you should set good examples for your kids. Don’t use your mobile when you are having meals with your family. Also, set aside hours in which you engage in other activities with your kids.

Once you start doing so, you will feel that your kids won’t be obsessed with their mobiles or the TV. So, as a first step, you should limit your own screen time to benefit your kids.

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Be Tech-Savvy

Your kids might know things better than you. So, to limit screen time, you have to be tech-savvy. You should know about the apps that can help you monitor your kid’s activities. The Internet is filled with scams and hackers. These can make you lose your valuable data and passwords. The cybercriminals can blackmail you into sharing bank account details and personal photos.

So, it is very important to stay ahead of your kids in terms of technology. You can go through online articles or tutorials to train yourself for it.

Make Sure You Can Keep an Eye on Your Kids

You must know about your kids’ online activities. So, make sure that your kids sit in an area where you can watch their screens. Never let them surf the web or stream anything on their own. They might watch adult or violent content. This, in turn, might negatively affect their thought process. So, you should keep an eye on your kids if you want them to surf the web safely.

Do Some Research on Games/Movies

Not all games or movies might be appropriate for your kids. So, you should do some research on such things beforehand. If you think a certain type of content is not appropriate for your kid, just sit with your kids. Inform them about the potential effects of this sort of content and why they should avoid it. After that, politely ask them to avoid watching it.

Set Up Parental Controls

Sometimes, discussing the dangers with your kids might not be enough. You might need to set up parental controls on search engines and streaming services. This can help them to surf the web safely and avoid explicit ads. This can also help them in watching adult movies/shows. So, you can manage your tasks without any worry after setting up parental controls.

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Fix Usage Areas

Don’t allow your kids to use their mobile and laptops everywhere inside the house. Fix zones where you might not want them to use technology. This area can be the dining room, the kitchen, or any other room in particular. In this way, your kids will only engage in other activities in these areas. This will automatically limit their screen time.

Engage in Other Activities

It is very important to engage in other activities with your kids. This can help you build an effective relationship with them. Also, while engaging in these activities, you can inform them about the potential dangers of too much screen time. It can also divert their attention from using screens.

Don’t Allow Usage During Meals/Family Time

You should never allow your kids to use their mobiles during eating. You should dedicate this time to strengthening the bond with your kids instead. Developing these habits will automatically push them to limit screen time and appreciate time with the family.

Sit With Your Kids

You might have subscribed to one of the best Internet providers in New York. And so, you might have blazing-fast download and upload speeds at home. But with such amazing speeds, you might have to keep a check on your child’s activities as well.

Your kid might engage in conversation with unknown people on the web. Or he/she might watch inappropriate content. So, you should sit with them while they are using their mobiles or laptop to monitor their activities.