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StarCraft 2 is the most popular RTS game and is known as one of the hardest to master and become a pro player. If you are also facing problems improving your performance in StarCraft 2, then this post is especially for you. If you follow the below-mentioned tips, these will help you achieve strategic success and continual fighting progress.

1- You Must All Races To Level 10

So, If you are regularly playing StarCraft 2 for longer durations in order to master and improve your gameplay and start your route to Grandmaster status. But have you chosen your race yet?

If you’ve really pledged your devotion to a single race, you are losing out on crucial information because of not completing all of the races to level 10. You’ll learn the essential strategies and develop orders, troops, and improvements of the Protos, Terran, and Zerg armies in the little time it takes to bring them to this level.

It’s unusual that you’ll fail in Starcraft 2 since you have a bad micro or a weak economy. If you do not really realize what your opposing player strategy is, there are most chances that you will lose. If you need some support, you can also use StarCraft cheat codes, which can only work in single-player campaigns but not in multiplayer mode.

2- Analyze The Professional Players

Observing professional contests and live streams isn’t only for fun, it’s also a chance to develop.

It’s not been simpler to observe the mindsets of pro players. But because of the continued expansion of esports, on Twitch and YouTube, tournaments live cast and streaming videos are accessible to watch. If you’re searching for a study group, Qlash is a great place to start. Videos are ideal for evaluation since they include useful replay options such as pause and fast-forwarding.

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When observing games, attempt to imagine yourself as a single player. This can assist you in identifying critical decision-making times during the game, such as inspecting an enemy’s base or battling against the opposite attacks.

Stop and think about how you’d adjust your tactics in this case; then continue and contrast your approach to the pros. Have you seen any differences? If yes, consider the reasoning behind the pros’ judgments.

Furthermore, pay attention throughout a contest. Because the majority of commentators are experienced gamers, they also provide swift game analysis into the chaotic combat of Starcraft.

3- Get Upper Hand On Your Macro

Macro is the foundation of almost any Starcraft’s match success. It basically refers to your ability to broaden the production capacity by obtaining the appropriate resources. You can’t have an economy without macro, and you can’t get a military without an economy.

While enlarging your army, the primary objective of the macro is to make sure that you will never access a supply block, because of which you run out of resources. You won’t be capable of building structures, creating units, or developing new technologies unless you have macro.

Before executing your macro flawlessly, you must first determine its objective and the means to achieve it, this is referred to as a build order. You’ll have to understand the build sequences for all three components of your primary strategy: Military, Financial system, and Technology if you want to conquer further battles.

There’s just one way to get good at macro, which is “practice”. On weekly basis, you should spend approximately a couple of hours in a lobby playing against a solo AI rival with the sole purpose of improving the macro from one of your tactics.

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4- Evaluate Your Game Performance

The only way to spot flaws in your work is to do a self-analysis. You will not be effective in improving if you are unaware of your shortcomings.

It’s difficult to watch oneself fail, but it’s the most effective way to identify and correct weaknesses in your gameplay. Stop and replay at major failure points and consider what you’d have done differently.

It can sometimes be beneficial to take the support of a 3rd party. Fortunately, Starcraft has a strong and supportive society and more importantly, now that it is playable freely. Drop.sc is one of the websites where you may submit your recordings for comments.

5- Also Take Rest

It can also be tiring to work on improving at a competitive match, particularly difficult in the case of Starcraft 2. Taking a step back now and will then start making your enhancement journey extra efficient and pleasant.

It’s easy to feel like you’re fighting a monster when you’re playing Starcraft 2: every time you solve one problem, two more pop up. However, it is precisely the whole challenge that helps make tournament matches so enjoyable to play.

Taking this into account, take frequent breaks, particularly when trying to grind AI and ladder games. While you’re enjoying your well-deserved rest, start understanding why Skrill is the payment system of preference for game players.