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The use of mattresses is the most used furniture in our home but is the most neglected. We sleep on it every day (well, almost every day) and even go to sleep and movie festivals on lazy days. Of course, because we use it every day, the mattress is also at the highest risk of stains. It can come from our food, our drinks, or even our own urine. Oops.


Sometimes we just ignore these stains, or maybe tear them to pieces with our mattress. However, this is neither true nor healthy. Grinders can easily attract other species of ants and insects. It is like inviting you to stay under your mattress. The liquid proliferation will do the same, and it will even become a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms such as bacteria.


Not a beautiful picture? Well, that’s what happens to your mattress right now if you can’t remember a time when you cleaned it. But don’t worry, it’s not too late. You can also remove your mattress stain, Bacchus Marsh, by learning a few tips on how to effectively remove stains from your mattress. Here they are:

Remove the cover and identify the stain


Most likely there is a stain on your cover as well. Remove the burned area and put it in the laundry. Most mattress covers are easy to wash. If you have a waterproof mattress cover, it will be even easier because you only need to clean the stain with dirty water mixed with some detergent. But still, you need to remove it.

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If you can still remember, identify the cause of the scar. If you can’t think of a specific reason, try examining the stain closely. If it is dark and the mattress user (or one of the users) is a woman, there is a risk of bleeding. If the consumer is male, it can be coffee or chocolate. Another common cause is urination. Go ahead and try to sniff the stain closely so you know what it is.


For most stains, clean with soap suds


You can use soda solution, especially for most scars due to access to food. It is most effective in treating fresh scars but can also remove old scars. Such a solution is very easy to prepare at home. Mix one cup of mild powdered detergent in one cup of mild water. Don’t add more. Mix the solution with the egg batter or whisk until the soda looks like whipped cream.


Once the sods become whipped cream, remove the sods and clean the stains with a dry sponge. Rub it well to remove stains, but most mattresses will not be damaged. If you need to add more seeds, try twisting the sponge well until it is dry. If the sponge is wet or damp, this procedure will be less effective. Start cleaning the stain again.


For tough people, use upholstery shampoo


After cleaning the stain with soda, wait for it to dry and see if there are any stains left. Some stains are hard, soft seeds will not be removed properly. If so, you should try to use a commercially sold plastic cleaner. The harsh chemicals that come from it can damage a landslide, but it’s better than gold.

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You can invest in really tough upholstery cleaners (not only for your mattress but also for other furniture) that use enzymes to speed up the cleaning process. They biologically break down stains and odors so you can be sure your mattress is really clean. Just be sure to follow the instructions or you could damage your mattress instead.


For urine, clean with vinegar and baking soda


Urine is a major cause of mattress stains. Some may use hydrogen peroxide to counteract this, but another proven solution is to use vinegar and baking soda. To use vinegar, mix equal parts of muddy water and white, distilled vinegar. Spray the solution on the stain and then remove excess moisture. Baking soda helps to neutralize the odor caused by urine. While the area is still moist, add baking soda and leave overnight.

For cleaning blood, some hydrogen peroxide


Blood, unfortunately for women, is a hard type of stain to clean. The other mild methods mentioned above may not work on blood stains so you can use some hydrogen peroxide directly. Apply stains using a white rag or white towel (something that does not stain). You will notice that once you apply hydrogen peroxide on it, the area will start to bubble. Keep rubbing on this area until you see that the bloodstain is gone. Of course, the fabric of your mattress is also likely to be black.