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Businesses are going through a significant transformation as entrepreneurs are taking them to online sectors. If you are an enthusiastic entrepreneur with similar plans, now would be the right time for you to get started. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought several businesses to a standstill as people are staying indoors to protect themselves. As a result of WHO’s social distancing measures and other curfew rules imposed by the local governing bodies, more people chose not to step out. Because of this, people find it challenging to get the essential services required in their daily lives. 

People are entirely dependent on apps like Gojek for their essentials. They adapted to the current situation by making contactless deliveries and stopped accepting cash on delivery. Gojek has been the go-to application for people ever since they launched as they offer multiple services in a single app. People can get any essential services like plumbing to electrical works on Gojek instead of going for various applications. Gojek’s services can be divided into three parts mainly:

  • Rides
  • Delivery
  • Services


Gojek offers more than one type of ride-hailing service, and it plays a significant role in regulating traffic congestions. Office goers and regular travelers depend on Gojek for their everyday transit. The users can simply choose the type of ride they require and click on the book now option. Gojek will use the phone’s inbuilt GPS to share the rider’s location details to the driver. 


Gojek offers a plethora of delivery services like food deliveries, grocery deliveries, alcohol delivery, pharmacy delivery, flower delivery, etc. The users can select the service they require at any time of the day and make their choices. Clicking on a service will show every service provider in their vicinity. They can further proceed to choose the products they require and add them to the cart. The customers can choose to pay from an array of payment methods and enter the delivery location. The order will be confirmed by the service providers and delivered to the customers’ doorstep. 

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People often get stuck in situations where they require professionals’ help, and sometimes these situations arise at unexpected times. People find it difficult to get essential services like plumbing, electrician, locksmith, and carpenters on time. With Gojek, the users can pick the service they require and schedule a time for it.  The right professional will arrive at the customer’s doorstep on time and ensure that the problem is solved. 

How to get started with developing an app like Gojek:

  • Find the on-demand services that are required by people in your locality and make a list.
  • Re-check the list and look for the services that will benefit your business.
  • Research the market to learn more about your target customers and their requirements.
  • Locate the niche where you can attract the maximum number of customers and optimize your Gojek clone app accordingly.
  • Ensure that your development team integrates exclusive features to make your app unique.
  • The uniqueness of the app and its functionalities will add up to your USP.
  • Keep track of the latest trends in the market and update your app accordingly to attract more customers.

How do apps like Gojek create a win-win situation for stakeholders:

Gojek offers every essential service required by users daily and has professionals on-board to make things easier. Gojek reduces the dependency on multiple apps as it packs everything users require. The apps also offer job opportunities for freelance drivers and service providers. They can work in their preferred time and can earn as much as they need. Initially, Gojek was launched as a ride-hailing app in the market. They understood people’s requirements and transformed over time. Gojek’s move to bring essential services together on a standalone platform has brought a catastrophic change to the way traditional businesses operated. 

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On-demand service apps like Gojek are dominating various business sectors and also inspired several entrepreneurs worldwide. The increase in the number of smartphone users and the broader availability of the internet has made things easier for Gojek. Gojek’s flexibility in offering essential services is probably the biggest reason for their success in the market.

Bottom line:

Entrepreneurs can explore the merits of developing their Gojek clone script with the help of a professional development team. They provide a complete white-label solution for your business, and it opens up to unlimited customization possibilities. Entrepreneurs can easily make changes in the application to suit their business needs. It also offers options for multiple revenue streams to boost the startups’ overall revenue. Your unique ideas will facilitate the growth and success of your business. With an intuitive user interface and exclusive features, entrepreneurs can satisfy the needs of a modern customer. 

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