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While taking a printout with an HP printer, the data transfer like your print command from the PC should be smooth. If you are getting any kind of error while transferring the data to the printer then your printer won’t be able to perform its job correctly. Errors like HP printer error 0xc18a0206 etc can interrupt the communication channel between the printer and PC. Whenever you get the printer error 40 data transfer, you need to check your printer driver. The major reason behind the printer data transfer error can be the corrupted printer driver. But a user can face this error due to various other reasons also.

Resolving HP printer error 40 data transfer:

Inspect/Update your printer driver

The printer driver (HP printer software) is a program that communicates with the printer. When you give a print command on the PC, the HP printer driver transfers the command to the printer. Your HP printers start printing the document after receiving the command. But when the driver gets into error, the printer will not understand your command. On your computer, go to the HP printer driver and check for the error. If the HP driver is outdated then update the driver immediately.

Repair the HP printer driver

If the printer driver gets corrupted then you must repair it. Go to the HP printer driver and repair the corrupted files. To repair the files, you can use the driver repair tool. On the internet, you can search for a compatible repair update tool. Install and run the driver repair tool on your device and it will repair all the corrupted files on your driver. Instead of using a driver repair tool, you can also reinstall the driver. Remove the printer driver and all related files. Now restart your computer and visit the HP website. Install the printer driver of your printer model on your computer. Now again try to take printouts and check for error 40.

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Remove the pending print jobs

The transfer error on the printer can occur when the queue memory gets full. Sometimes the user has lots of pending print jobs that fill the memory queue. For should not keep pending jobs on your printer. Follow the given steps for clearing all the pending jobs on the HP printer:

  1. On HP printer, click on the cancel button
  2. When the printer display appears, hit the Stop button
  3. Go to your computer and click on the taskbar
  4. Right-click on the printer icon
  5. Click on See what’s a printing option
  6. Press the Cancel button and delete all the pending jobs

After cleaning all the pending jobs from the printer, give the new print command and check whether your HP printer is taking print commands or not.

Use the high-speed USB cable

Data transfer can affect when the transferring speed is slow. You must use a high-speed USB cable for connecting the HP printer. If the USB cable is slow then the data-transfer will take time and show an error when you are transferring lots of data. Get a high-speed cable for the printer and then check for the data transfer error. In wireless printers, make sure your connection is smooth. Check the internet speed of your access point (router). When you get the transfer error, you should keep your PC and printer near to the access point and then give the print command. For Bluetooth printing, place your device (phone or PC) near to the printer.

Run printer troubleshooter

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Running a printer troubleshooter can be a good method for fixing the data transfer error. You can follow the given steps to run a printer troubleshooter:

  1. Open your PC and go to settings
  2. On the Update & Security tab, click on Troubleshoot

Choose Printer and hit the Run the Troubleshooter option. The troubleshooter tool will scan and fix the error automatically. After using the printer troubleshooter tool, restart the HP printer and give the print command. You can also contact the HP team for troubleshooting your queries.


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