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Perfect product images for perfect e-commerce sites are a healthy start for the traders. Why is the perfect image so significant for an e-commerce business? Getting the exact image is challenging. By maintaining strategic image processing by the expert photographers, anyone can get a perfect photo for his e-commerce business. In online business, a perfect product image gives more useful results to establish an e-commerce store. It is necessary for both offline and online advertisements for catalogs, magazines, brochures, and billboards. For online shopping, shoppers can choose products by only observing the product image. If you want to draw your potential consumers, your product photos need to well post-production. Again, total optimized product images make the difference between customers clicking ‘Add to cart’ or ‘close tab.’

However, it is easy that customers can’t touch or feel or hold the product physically while shopping online, so everyone is dependable on posted images of your products. If the uploaded images bear in high quality, it helps them to make the right purchase decision. On the contrary, uploading ugly images of your products will make online shoppers disinterested in your items without making a purchase. This article will critically represent how to take an eye-catching product image that gives traders a positive development for their e-commerce store.

What is e-commerce photography?

E-commerce photography denotes the process of capturing good quality images of products or services for sale online through different e-commerce sites. Due to increasing online business, e-commerce photography is getting popular. Most of the e-commerce traders create their photography studio for selling goods through advertisement. And those who are not interested in this fact like to hire some photographers around the world. Hired photography is also getting market due to its quality task and honest business; instead, it is cheaper than in-house product photography.

Why is product photography beneficial?

Product photography is so important that the rising and falling of your e-commerce business can be dependable on it. Though product photography is challenging for you, it’ll carry the betterment for your starting or failing business. Due to online photographers’ availability or clipping path services, anyone can be benefited from hiring his/her project at less cost.

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Capturing and post-production (post-production- clipping path, background removal, color correction, etc.) activities all are sensitive jobs as it refers to a hardcore of your business. Without posting high-quality photos on your online store, you can’t cope up with your competitors. Surely optimized product image helps the search engines give much effort for ranking in relevant image searches, which can drive more traffic to your product pages.

Product Photography Tips for Your E-commerce Store

Before posting your product images, you need to prepare for yourself and other websites’ recommendations fully. However, some listed websites need to know about the image guidelines for filling your purpose.

  • Amazon Product Image Size:

Amazon image requirements recommend that the pixel dimensions be a minimum of 1,000 in height or width. JPEG, PNG, TIFF are preferable image format of Amazon.

  • BigCommerce Product Image Size:

BigCommerce commends that your product images should be less than 1,000 pixels on the longest side. They should choose a PNG or JPEG image format.

  • WooCommerce Product Image Size:

WooCommerce doesn’t recommend a particular image size, but it is useful to follow general website size guidelines to have a minimum resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels.

  • Shopify Product Image Size:

Your Shopify recommends the images can any size up to 4472 x 4472 pixels, or 20 megapixels. Make sure there you can’t exceed size up to 20 MB.

  • eBay Product Image Size:

The minimum eBay picture size is 100 x 150 pixels in JPEG image format, and the maximum size is 1000 x 1600 pixels.

  • Etsy Product Image Size:

Etsy recommends that all listing photos should be a minimum of 1,000 pixels wide.

How to Shoot Product Photos

“A perfect product photo is better than a thousand words to showcase the online audience.” To get a better result, you should take a great shoot with an expert’s help or follow this.

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Prepare Products for Shoot

To receive a great result and decrease time during the post-production activities, you need to prepare your products thoroughly before you start your image capturing. It means that you ensure your products are clean, fresh, polish, and free of dust. Additionally, you can try to remove labels, stickers, tags, and texts. You can also use a steamer to eliminate wrinkles and creases.

Shoot from a High-Quality Camera and Lens

For good product photography, your first and foremost requirement is a high-quality camera. But, your vital camera may not give you the desired result without using a proper lens. You know that all kinds of product images aren’t of equal sizes. So make sure of your deserving some selected lenses with your niche. If the camera and lens work correctly, you may receive your expected result every time. And both of the instruments will positively develop your business.

Shoot Multiple Angles

Shoppers typically enjoy multiple angular shoots, whatever the product small or large. As various e-commerce sites recommend multiple angles, make sure about your shooting distance and place. You should take the images from five central angles: front, back, top, bottom, and side, that indeed reduce the shopper’s confusion on the viewing page. If your showcase (angle shoot) matches perfectly, it cuts the market better than any other post. A variety of angular images help to reassure the shoppers who are deciding to purchase the product.

Use Tripod for Extra Balance

Generally, a tripod gives you an extra balance, capturing with a steady mood that lets you go the depth field it. A tripod is a betterment for producing high resolution with excellent pixel quality images. It indeed gives significant results during the editing part.

You Need Sufficient Light

Daylight is perfect for product photography, but it isn’t applicable in every time. From scratch, studio lighting is better than good photography. However, a potential light source allows covering the product entirely, which brings a realistic picture like day-captured quality. As exact lighting is useful for correcting images, you should deserve good lighting.

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Editing Product Images

When you receive a perfect image, but it is not perfect without editing it. However, you indeed fixed your niche problem with Adobe Photoshop or Fotor by following editing techniques. There are so many keys that will enrich your product images at a high rate.

Sharpening: Will you observe your product in detail? If you aren’t sure, you can use a sharpening tool to clarify.

Brightening: all the captured images don’t come with potential lighting. As a result, you need to appear brighter or color balance by using a brightening tool.

Color correction: Are your images showing true-to-life quality? If they aren’t, try your best to match the color by using editing tools.

Remove background: White background is necessary for e-commerce business. Indeed, standard background or noisy backgrounds are relegated most by shoppers. It would help if you kept in mind that having a white background on your posting shows perfectly to the shoppers. You can know more about how to remove the background from your product photos.


From the discussion, perfection doesn’t come without following the step by step tasks. Both capturing, as well as post-production capability, is a great need to get a high-quality image. As you run an e-commerce business, you need to organize all your potential tools and technique and represent your skill on them. By following those activities, your e-commerce business will get an era of development.

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