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Video content is extremely popular when it comes to grabbing the audience’s attention in no time. The reason is that it’s incredibly shareable so it only takes a few clicks to spread your message across multiple platforms in the space of a short time, resulting in a viral outcome.

Using videos for customer experience purposes is actually nothing new. Many marketers have considered implementing video content to capture more customers and lead them to retain the message longer.

Not only do videos are excellent to hook the audience’s attention, but it is also effective to hold it. The graphical presentation allows viewers to understand the information way better than textual content. The narration enables people to grasp what the actual message is about without leaving them confused. That’s why more and more companies use video content for its effectiveness in presenting ideas.

Customer experience is vital for every business. This element often defines the company itself as it acts as the front line and a brand’s representation that directly connects people with the business. Investing in delivering a great customer experience is one of the keys to a brand’s success. People will notice the service right before they decide to continue the journey with the brand. 

To take it into further perspective, there are other benefits videos can bring to your business:

  • Raise Awareness
  • Improve SEO Rank
  • Drive More Traffic
  • Increase Conversion Rates

4 Ways Video Improves Customer Experience

Videos are indeed important when it comes to delivering a brand’s message to potential customers. Successful videos can increase your customer experience, making it viable to acquire them in the long run. The following are points on how video content affects how customers perceive a brand.  

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1. Convey Pain Points Effectively

Creating a thumb-stopping video is a challenging task. But, you can now dodge the bullet by highlighting your audiences’ pain points. It’d be much easier for your audiences to relate to your content and build a solid, more personal connection with your brand.

After all, videos are one of the greatest communication tools. They portray pain points in the shape of visuals and storytelling in which people can understand much easier. Content like explainer videos can describe the right information in a clear, concise manner. 

2. Connect with the Audience

One of the best methods to connect with your customers is to be present at all times. Surely, this approach can be difficult if you already have a lot on your plate. However, people appreciate direct communication as it gives them the right information in real-time. 

More often than not, they find reading an article just tedious and might seem more like a chore as it doesn’t resolve the matter right away. They need two-way communication that offers quick and precise information. 

A video is an ideal solution for this matter. It provides direct-alike communication through its concise narration that speaks to viewers. People can notice the ideas better when human voices tell them straight away.  

3. Enhance Customer Support

Customer services are prone to misunderstanding. However, using videos can eliminate the probability of getting miscommunication.

You can insert video content for FAQ, for example. It’s been known that this section has lower attention for most people. They would rather have a direct presentation from your brand explaining the problem. When you have FAQ video content, you lessen your work to repeatedly answer basic questions that have been stated on the website.

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That’s because people love to connect with the brand directly. They won’t spend time reading an article that might not answer their problems. Videos allow describing the matter quickly and clearly. When you have the video available, people will be more interested in watching it right before they click the call button.

4. Very Practical

Bringing wholesome information and making sure that audiences get the points can be hard in every business. You will deal with the right content that works and the fact that people won’t get the message. It can be incredibly challenging when you have tons of things to convey. You need a medium to deliver those points.

In this case, videos are the best tool to address the message to the world. You can basically pour everything into a single video and personalize it on your own. Videos are very efficient in spreading the words.

Including videos on your service can significantly affect customer experience. People find it easier to understand the information through a video than other types of content. Not to mention that videos can adapt well on a different online platform, making it very practical if you need a tool to deliver your brand’s message effectively.


Video content has been proven to hook people’s attention with its remarkable visual representation. Many companies have considered using videos to get their words out through social networks. From a promotional purpose to customer experience, videos are great to incorporate in many businesses’ objectives.

Especially when it comes to improving customer experience, including video content is a helpful tactic. It allows customers to get the right information without leaving them bored with the content. Moreover, the video can bring more people to watch, thanks to its stunning graphical presentation and meaningful stories. 

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Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). 

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