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Are you tired of seeing the same old décor in your home? Do you want to give your home a makeover but do not have a big enough budget? We have some ideas that you could refer to. These ideas are simple and can be executed even with a small budget. Ideas like new pillows, adding a canopy and 10 others are part of this list. Even the house interior designers would be impressed if these were executed perfectly. So, without further ado, here are those easy ideas to transform your home within budget.

1. Setting Up a Reading Spot

If you like to read and you do not have a dedicated space for it then you can easily create one. If there is any leftover space of your home that is empty, you can transform it into your own cosy reading corner. You can add a comfortable chair or sofa with fabrics. Ensure that its shapes are homey and perfect for unwinding alone. You can also place an ottoman at the foot of the chair so you can kick your feet up and enjoy your reading time.

2. Giving a Bookshelf a Makeover

You may not have a library like the one Belle has in the story ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ but if you have a tasteful-looking bookshelf, you could always re-style it. How, you ask? Well, you can start by replacing some of your books in the shelf with décor items and other accessories like sculptures, pictures and vases. It will immediately break the monotony of having just a huge wall full of books. Some house interior designers also recommend color-coordinating some of your books to make it look more interesting. If your books have a good mix of light and dark colours on them, then you can arrange them into a design that would look really attractive.

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3. Decking up the Entryway

Some people have a lot of space at the entrance, while some others have a passageway. What we are trying to say is that, all homes have different entryways. But what you can do is deck the entryway. You could try adding modern art on the walls or you can place a console table. On this console table, you can also introduce a flower vase. That way, when someone enters the house, they are already impressed with the way your house looks. A simple but effective change.

4. Changing the Throw Pillows

The easiest way to re-style a bedroom or a living room is by swapping your old throw pillows for new ones. You could include a new shape, fabric, colour, etc. Once you do this, the whole space will look like new. Ask any of the house interior designers and they will all agree.

5. Installing a Canopy in the Bedroom

Have you watched the movies or series that depict royalty? If you see their bedroom, it always has someone sort of silhouette flowing from the ceiling. You can introduce a canopy in your bedroom too and turn your bedroom into your own royal abode.

6. Getting Nature Indoors

Many a times, house interior designers recommend making plants part of your home décor. They not only add character, but they also make the living space look lively and interesting. Boston fern, snake plant, spider plant, lucky bamboo, weeping fig and areca palm are some of the indoor plants you can consider.

7. Reupholstering the Furniture

Reupholstering the furniture in your house is another quick way to revamp your house. This could be a great alternative to buying new furniture. Reupholster them and they will look as though they have just been newly purchased.

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8. Applying Accent Wallpaper to the Walls

Accent wallpaper is not a new concept but it is a trend that is definitely catching on. The only difference is that, back then people would wallpaper their entire rooms but you can add wallpaper to just one wall in a room. It is a quick process and ends up making a huge difference.

9. Choosing Statement Art

We all have that one wall in the house that is always left blank and boring. Many house interior designers would suggest you to paint it a new colour but you can make it more exciting by adding some artwork on it. Some vibrant and abstract artworks would really help make a strong statement.

10. Adding New Lighting

A single light fixture is enough to jazz up the room in no time. Invest in quirky yet tasteful lighting options that will give your room a refined look.

11. Introducing an Interesting Floor Lamp

Pick a corner of the room and place a floor-to-ceiling lamp to enhance the appeal of your living space. Many people have implemented this idea in their homes and have been very happy with the results.

12. Add a Small Table at the Foot of the Bed

Place a small table at the foot of your bed and you can use it as a spot to keep your extra blankets and pillows. It is classy and elegant, and does not cost a lot.

We hope these ideas have been helpful. Make the most of it and your house would look like it has had a big makeover. You can always consult with house interior designers for more ideas to spruce up your home.