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What are Giveaways?

Various businesses promote their products and services in the name of giveaways. If you spend a lot of time on Instagram, you may have witnessed an Instagram Giveaway by now and we assure, there will be more. In such giveaways, the businessmen ask the followers to do something and they will receive one of their products or services.

The owner of the page selects the winners and it can be more than one. These giveaways can be the most optimal way to diverge more traffic into your website and increase your follower count. These giveaways also keep the people interested and they will always have something new to look forward to.

Steps to Run Successful Instagram Giveaways

Giveaways on Instagram can assuredly help to grow your Instagram by sharing a specific post over and over again. However, if you want to promote your products and services through giveaways, you need to consider a few steps on how to successfully run such giveaways. So, if you’re ready to take the plunge, understand the below-mentioned steps first, and then set up giveaways.

  1. Choose the Prize

Before you constitute a giveaway and start running it, you need to figure out what you will give to your lucky winners. You need to work on all the pros and cons of whatever you decide to put up as a prize. This is because you need to make your customers happy so that they come back with more enthusiasm.

  1. Decide the Criteria

Different giveaways have different criteria and this is up to you to decide which criteria you should go for. You can ask people to comment on your posts, tag people, share your profile, or follow your account. You can always mix two ideas in one to drive more people in your giveaway.

  1. Decide the Time Limit
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Time limit is very important when it comes to running a giveaway. This is because you need that limit which will enable you to acquire maximum followers but won’t let the first ones drag with it for so long. Thus, choose that time phase in which maximum people take part and ensure that they won’t get bored just after entering this giveaway.

  1. Create the Perfect Post

When you do all the important prerequisites of doing a giveaway on Instagram, it’s time to circulate the word and let the people know about it. You must come up with such a post that consists of vibrant colors, intricate graphics, readable font, and exemplary text to make the world understand what they are getting themselves into.

  1. Remind the People Occasionally

Instagram posts don’t get vanished after a specific time but with a large number of followers, your post may get lost. Therefore, before the giveaway starts, you create an extra post with the name of a reminder post to remind the people of a certain giveaway that is about to take place. In this way, no one will a chance to enter and win.

What are the Perks of Social Media Company?

Giveaways on Instagram are one way of generating more followers but what about all the other platforms of social media? Who is looking after them? What is going on in them?

To answer all of these questions, you need a Social Media Agency because, the way this agency handles your social media, you will never be able to achieve that. There are a large number of reasons for hiring such an agency. However, some leading perks of this company are mentioned below.

  • The social media agency helps to increase the awareness of your brand among a large number of people on social media. This is done by signing up on all the possible forums and keep them updated.
  • This agency helps to schedule everything within a specific time. This is because, at the time, most of your followers will be online to check out your newly posted content.
  • The agency helps to link your social media accounts to your website. So, whenever people check your page, they will assuredly end up on your website.
  • The agency remains present for the whole day as well as night. Thus, whenever your customers need help or they want to know something about your products, the agency will be available to answer them which generates better customer service.
  • The company also holds various campaigns on different occasions such as when you introduce a newer product when there is a new offer or anything that can drive more followers.
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Final Thoughts

Instagram Giveaways certainly create a buzz in the digital world and they hype up the people like nothing else. On the other hand, a social media agency helps you to score quite big. Both of these factors pitch in to skyrocket your sales and revenues.

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