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A Kawasaki racing jacket is a type of outerwear that is worn on horseback. Motorcycle jackets are not the same as biker style jackets, which are designed to look like Kawasaki motorcycle jackets but have no protection

Armour on the elbows and shoulders, as well as foam padding or armour in the rear, are common features of motorcycle riding jackets. This armour helps to protect the body from impact by cushioning the areas during a collision that are most likely to hit .

The majority of the impact is absorb by this armour, which is C.E.Rated1 or 2 (or other standards). As a result, even though you slide, the textile will not quickly break away.

Adjusters at the elbow, hip, and other points on the Kawasaki racing jacket will hold it in place, reducing the risk of injury. Mesh jackets provide adequate ventilation in typical Indian (hot) weather, allowing you to avoid drowning in sweat and making them an ideal companion for any kind of ride in the city or on the highways.


Motorcycle jackets have traditionally made of leather, and many riders still enjoy the look and functionality of Kawasaki motorcycle jackets. Even though everyone wants to look stylish in a leather jacket, not everyone can afford on.

Wearing leather jackets…even the perforated ones…in typical Indian heat will make you extremely sweaty. Many riders nowadays choose jackets made of high-density synthetic materials that are both solid and form fitting because of their flexibility and comfort. Mesh/Textile and Leather are the most popular materials use in riding jackets.

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Riding Jacket with Mesh

Mesh Riding Jackets are usually made up of mesh on the front and back, with a textile chassis holding it together. The textile component is made of abrasion-resistant fabric to prevent it from tearing like paper in the event of a collision.

Kawasaki Racing Jacket

Riding Jacket Made of Textile

They are better at shielding you from dirt and dust when riding. While these jackets have openable zippers for ventilation, they are not as cool as mesh riding jackets. Kawasaki motorcycle jackets are more abrasion resistant (they don’t break as easily as mesh jackets) and can be worn without a rain liner or rain coat in light rains.

Riding Jackets Made of Leather

Leather riding jackets are generally the most expensive jackets on the market. And there’s a justification for it. Leather has the best abrasion resistance of the three materials. The likelihood of a leather jacket breaking as a result of continuously pull is extremely low.

Fit/Style of Jacket

Motorcycle riding jackets can be divided into four major categories based on their fit and style: In India, the most popular shoe sizes are sport/street fit and touring fit. Kawasaki motorcycle jackets for cruisers and adventure tourers/dual sport are increasingly finding their way onto the market.

The jackets in each of these categories are design to meet the basic requirements of each riding style. For each style, there are leather and textile choices.

Riding Jackets with a Sport/Street Fi

These jackets are slim fit (like slim fit shirts) and will be appropriate for sports riding or racing. These are the jackets that a typical Indian enthusiast rider will purchase.

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Kawasaki Racing Jacket

Wearing a Motorcycle Jacket for the Right Reasons

If you haven’t already done so, you should seriously consider purchasing a motorcycle jacket. You don’t need an entire wardrobe of them, but choosing a high-quality, long-lasting motorcycle jacket is critical for your protection while riding. The following are the top five reasons to buy a Kawasaki racing jacket:

1.Protection: Motorcycle jackets shield the rider from the weather as well as potential injuries in the event of a collision. Padding in high-impact areas, such as the shoulder and elbows, is common on the majority of them. This padding and shielding will help to avoid burns and abrasions that are common among riders who do not wear protective Kawasaki clothing in the event of a possible accident. In addition, many motorcycle jackets come with reflective gear as usual, which can help riders stay healthy at night. Although these jackets aren’t often daywear stuff, they are essential for ensuring the riders’ protection.

2.Comfort: Motorcycle jackets are useful for safety purposes. It is also very useful for providing comfort to the rider. Whether they are riding around town or on a long journey jacket will make you comfortable throughout the journey. Motorcycle jackets provide protection from the elements, including the wind, the sun, and the heat, as well as insects. It is shocking, how much these external factors can influence a rider’s performance.

3.Feeling: Motorcycle jackets are just one component of a full outfit. Jackets have long regard as a traditional riding staple. And wearing one can immediately make you feel like a seasoned horse. In reality, the type of Kawasaki racing jacket you choose will give your walk a certain strut.

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Kawasaki motorcycle jackets are excellent for design, comfort, and safety, and should be considered a must-have for all riders.

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