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Shirts for women are wonderful combination classics, which for most people are part of the everyday wardrobe. For many women, shirts are a very typical part of an outfit. It is therefore not surprising that LimeLight women’s shirts are among our customer’s favorites.

short kurti

Many people first think of a rather sporty look when it comes to a shirt. But the variety of shirt designs shows that you can combine shirts much more variably. You can wear elegant, slightly shiny women’s shirts with a wrap-around look wonderfully with a skirt and create a stylish outfit for special celebrations. Let yourself therefore be inspired by our cutting-edge shirt selection for current fashion creations: from casual to sporty to elegant. Take a look around our online shop and discover the versatility of the shirts in colors, shapes, lengths, prints and cuts.

Short or long sleeves: ladies shirts are always included

The women’s shirts that you will find at LimeLight are versatile quick-change artists. They inspire in their sporty versions as well as elegant, casual companions in the office.

Short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts are part of the basic equipment of a well-stocked wardrobe. The tops made of easy-care fabrics such as cotton, viscose, jersey or polyester blends are popular basic items that can be integrated into many clothing styles. It is advisable if you have some of these simple shirts to choose from in your wardrobe, ideally in colors that can be combined well. We recommend black, white, dark blue or gray or beige. Variants in other colors or patterns that you can get from LimeLight can be selected according to your outfit ideas and your taste.

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Tops for women

Tops are shirt tops without sleeves. With their shape, they are reminiscent of undershirts. The simple variants can also be worn as a basic under sweaters, blazers, blouses or cardigans. Models in bold colors, with fashionable prints, glittering applications, laces or fine fabrics are too good to disappear under clothing. They want to be seen: especially in summer, the attractive tops are part of trend fashion every year.

Popular women’s shirts for summer

The warm season is the high phase for light short-sleeved shirts and tops. This makes them the eye-catcher of the outfit. You can make targeted use of this by opting for a model with a striking pattern or decorations. Glittering rhinestones sparkle in the sun and put you in a good mood. By the way, you also show your fashion awareness. Strong colors such as sunny yellow, fresh green or cool turquoise are also fashionable eye-catchers.

Shirts with graphic patterns provide visual variety. Wide cuts and light, breathable textiles such as cotton, viscose or linen blends are recommended for summer shirts. Complete your wardrobe with a shirt jacket that is color-coordinated with your entire outfit. So you have something light to put on if it gets colder in the evening.

Fashion tips: the right model for every figure type

Are you unsure which cut suits you best? You can’t go wrong with buying a shirt. The variants in classic Kurti and simple designs are particularly suitable for everyone. If you would like to cleverly hide certain problem areas, then it is worthwhile to use patterns, applications, cuts and colors in your outfit.


We have put together some tips for you here for choosing a suitable women’s shirt. Fashion experts have divided the different silhouettes of women into several figure categories: into the A, H, O and V figure types. You can find out more about this in our figure type guide.

  • With an A-figure, the torso and shoulders are very narrow. The lower part of the body, on the other hand, is built stronger. Choose bright colors and bold patterns for the top to balance the proportions. A wide-cut casually plays around your hips and cuts a fine figure. We also recommend women’s shirts with U- or V-necklines or a striking collar.
  • The H-figure is characterized by a square shape. Shoulders, waist and hips are almost the same widths so that hardly any feminine curves are noticeable. For women with an H-silhouette, shirts with a straight cut and classic patterns are ideal. Subtle embellishments on shoulders or a belt can emphasize a sporty figure. A nice cleavage directs the gaze and gives you more shape. If you are built a little wider, a wide-cut women’s shirt with vertical patterns is ideal, for example, longitudinal stripes. Wide sleeves and long shirts that reach over the buttocks are also good choices for this figure type.
  • Ladies with a V-shaped figure have wide shoulders. The hips and thighs, on the other hand, are narrower. Accentuate your beautiful cleavage with shirts and tops with a V-neck. Wrap shirts also put your figure in the limelight. To balance the proportions between the upper body and legs, you can combine simple shirts with eye-catching patterned trousers. Shirts with large decorations on the shoulders, shoulder straps or patch breast pockets are rather unfavorable.
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These recommendations are the best way to make a preselection. The final decision is made in front of the mirror at home and based on your experiences. Which colors and patterns do you feel comfortable with? Do you love classic models or do you like to surprise with eye-catching prints? Regardless of fashion trends, your personal feel-good factor decides on the best possible appearance of your outfit. And nothing can beat that.

Discover the variety of fashionable Kurtis and shirts for women in the Limelight online shop and have your favorites conveniently delivered to your home.

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