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Just imagine: You bought a brand-new car with your dream color combination within the standard price range. You have already made the down payment, done with examining the financing options, and evaluated your budget with the paymentBut have you figured out the cost of maintenance for your new vehicleEveryone knows that it’s too expensive to keep a car in the proper working condition, but people always forget to include that in their financial plans. How much is too much to spend on repairs? It’s the most common question people generally ask at some point or another. And if you are planning to buy a new vehicle, then check this post and get some idea about its repair and maintenance cost before you bring a new one to your house. 


  • How much does a car service cost? 

Cost of oil change:  

It varies from AED 175 to 810 AEDThe stated cost of an oil change can increase dramatically if you skip taking your vehicle to the service station to get an oil change serviceSo, if you are experiencing any trouble while starting your car engine, search for the best car garage near me and get it resolved. 


Scheduled maintenance:  

According to the reportcost of scheduled maintenance comes around 20,000 AED. But that figure is sure to rise with each following scheduled maintenance visits, as problems tend to become more severe and numerous with time. Also, this is the time to be vigilant. 

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If you can’t afford the repairs you have been quoted, and planning to sell it instead, take out few moments and haul to ZDEGREE. Once you step in for your car inspection at ZDEGREE, Dubai, you would never like to sell of your car. Reason? Be it buying new tires, replacing the old ones with the new, battery replacement or any other car inspection service, iguarantees to provide you with A1 service quality, genuine spares at the most competitive price rates, and with exciting offers and deals every now and then. 


  • The cost of skipping servicing 

When you are going through a tight budget, you tend to skip servicing your car. But doing so you are risking much bigger bills later. The average cost of a basic car service is around 200 AED, which is less than the cost of replacements. Research states that most of the people spend 8500 AED for engine exchange, while for just a cylinder head gasket they spend 1700 AED, a radiator for 1670 AED bucks while Water pump for 1000 AED bucks which does not even bear the cost of any repairs, replacements or new parts.  

But what if you get a thorough car inspection done in Dubai at much cheaper rates than thisWith ZDEGREE- one of the eminent car repair shops in the UAE, this is possible. Providing a top-notch service is their main motive. Sbe it Dubai, Abu DhabiSharjah, Al Ain or any other centers you visit, the ZDEGREE team always verifies and makes sure if you are satisfied with their vehicle inspection service as per your requirements. 

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  • Watch out for dashboard messages 

Most cars now a days have dashboard warning messages, including issues with the braking system, engine, oil, coolant levels, and tyre pressure. Your car owner’s manual will explain what each pop-up warning message means and what you need to do. So, if you see a pop-up warning message, always drive your car straight to ZDEGREE service station and leave it in the safe hands of the experts. 

  • Keep an eye on the cambelt 

Check the service manual to find out when your car is due next so that you can have its cambelt replaced. Cambelt varies from car to car, which should ideally be replaced at around 40,000 to 100,000 miles. Cambelt replacement is expensive indeed but if it fails while you are driving, you would face serious engine damages costing much more to fix than changing it when recommended. 

  • Your car’s repair is too expensive. Now what? 

Automotive repairs can restore your vehicle to working order and ensure it doesn’t develop any bigger problems. But what if you simply can’t afford the repair your car needs? Being faced with unaffordable repairs is a common issue among drivers, but it’s nice to know you have options. Yes! ZDEGREE is the name. They have skilled technicians who understand cars well. Additionally, they are well known for providing the most genuine spares with long lasting protection guarantee. They believe in keeping customers interest as their top priority. From oil changes, brake pads, truck tyre services to tire rotation, ZDEGREE can save you from wasting thousands of AED down the line, so be sure to consult them. 

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To get rid of hefty repair bills in the future, visit their website to check the super saver package they are currently offering. Call one of the ZDEGREE experts today at 04 3105600 / 800 933 473304 3105600 / 800 933 4733Book an appointment and get your car repaired at the earliest.

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