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United Security, We are a company with vast experience in the national market that has a solid professional base, given by university degree advisers with Diplomas in Administration of Integral Security Systems for Companies, Engineering in Business Administration which provide technical support professional to our security service, which specifically refers to Physical Security through Security Guards, Security Canes, Escort in route assistance, Monitoring and Televigilance and Cleaning.

Security Guards 

The objective of our company is to provide efficient, effective and effective support to the Management of the Company – Client, granting it Protection by detecting and neutralizing threats that may cause damage, loss or deterioration of people and / or material goods with which that she counts.

The Security Advisory planning that United Security provides, for your Company, contemplates a Work Program specially designed according to your reality, where the strategic objectives, goals and actions to be achieved in a given time are set, therefore it follows from them the administrative and technical measures that must be taken to comply with this plan.

By gathering information on the system, both general and specific with respect to security, familiarization with the systems, their physical distribution and the study of existing technical and organizational measures and the way in which they are being complied with, they will be the basic inputs to determine the Diagnosis regarding the security of the company.

Once this diagnosis has been carried out, the need to carry out a Safety Study or the implementation of basic measures missing in that institution is determined.

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Subsequently, activities will be carried out to evaluate the existing security level aimed at setting a standard together with the General Management on whom this function depends exclusively. Security officer orange county

Behavior of staff in the face of routine incidents: How these attitudes are compatible with the procedures provided in planning and other similar provisions Confronting the reactions of different members of the staff to specific situations to determine the degree of efficiency and real effectiveness, in relation to the optimal desirable.
Review of safety instruments and equipment, controlling the operation, state of conservation, actual utility, duration, maintenance, etc.

United Security staff is carefully selected and examined by professionals such as trainers, psychologists, etc., in addition to being instructed in matters such as legal regulations, safety regulations, risk prevention, fire fighting and extinction, ethics and moral integrity. , public attention and procedures in case of emergency or crisis.

Subsequently, they are personally trained in their respective jobs, in relation to the specific tasks and responsibilities of the position, according to the rules and requirements, in which our Guards play a preponderant role in regard to access controls and dependencies. , based on the fundamental principle of private security, which is the Prevention of Critical Events.

Our service includes the semi-annual update of this report.

United Security works together with the Company-Client and for this it formulates the document called Installation Rules, which gives an account of the schedules, tasks and specific responsibilities of the guards.

This document is delivered to both the client and the security guards and is an annexed part of the service provision contract.

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United Security, through its Management, after the basic period of staff training, will attend the client’s facilities on various occasions, verifying in the field the correct development of activities and full compliance with the instructions and responsibilities assigned to the guards. During these visits, constant technical evaluations are carried out, making the corresponding adjustments.

Likewise, customers will be personally contacted as many times as necessary, to analyze the quality of the service and find out about the degree of customer satisfaction.

All emergencies are attended to immediately by our supervisory staff, 24 hours a day, for which there is an internal communication system with attention throughout the day.

United Security has relief personnel every day of the year, for any eventuality, in order to give adequate attention to the contracted service.United Security can provide Guards for special events or for reinforcements if the client needs it.United Security, provides your staff for the work

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