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Cabinets are much more than where we store dishes; they are the common element that unites Columbus kitchen cabinets. Whether you’re opting for a stylish, sleek, and modern open concept or a traditional, country-inspired kitchen, cabinets will be crucial to achieving the overall look.

This will look at several popular elements that you can expect, such as the modern rustic look, gray, or ash as a contrasting color, and how tasteful backsplashes can highlight your entire kitchen. We’ll talk about each of these trends and the steps you can take to implement them in your home.

Grey kitchen cabinets for sale

There’s a great appeal in having a comforting, homey kitchen with a rustic twist, but one touch too much, and guests will think they’ve stepped into a cottage on the prairie. To avoid going too far, it’s good to pick a few items that speak to your rustic vision, but then provide some contrast with modern, functional items. Look to classic online grey kitchen cabinets (custom details seal the deal), or a traditional long table or traditional brass fittings to create the rustic element. Then compare it to modern appliances or a cool stone countertop to create the perfect look for a modern and traditional hybrid kitchen.

Cabinets with gray or ash colors can brighten your kitchen without blinding

If you are looking for online grey kitchen cabinets or something more exciting than a standard white kitchen, but don’t like wood tones in your kitchen, warm gray kitchen cabinets can provide that perfect pop of color and life without being too dark or too boring. The color also goes very well with any other appliances or accessories you already have. It works well with stainless steel, white or black appliances, and will most likely work with any light fixture you like. It also lends itself well to a mix-and-match approach to your kitchen furniture, which is great if you have multiple kitchen pieces that your kitchen already loves. Cabinets can go further, too; If you want a more colorful and spunky approach, consider dull blues or indigos for a bright contemporary chic touch.

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Stone or tile backsplashes can add texture and depth to your kitchen

Grey kitchen cabinets for sale need to be the only focus in your kitchen; backsplashes can be that special touch that takes your kitchen to the next level. Tile or stone backsplashes are very popular right now and can add a pop of color to contrast with your cabinets and countertops, or as a way to extend a color scheme that is already being highlighted by a different element in your kitchen. If you have a kitchen with white and glossy surfaces, look for cool colors like blues and grays, or consider darker masonry.

Alternatively, if you go for a different approach, like the gray cabinets mentioned above, a white tile backsplash works wonders. If you’re more interested in the rustic look, carved stone makes a fantastic backsplash that contrasts nicely with the rich wood tones elsewhere. Many kitchens can do just fine without a backsplash, but don’t underestimate the positive difference this relatively simple addition can make in your home.

Choose from stock, semi-custom, or custom cabinets

The most affordable kitchen cabinets are the ones that are pre-made. They are in stock for immediate delivery or can be prepared and shipped upon ordering. Expect limited options for style, wood types, colors, etc.

Semi-custom cabinets are priced higher. They are created by selecting from the stock cabinets and customizing them through the detailed options. Although the possibilities are limited, it is a way to have some design entry without the expense of fully custom cabinets.

Custom cabinets are the way to get exactly what you want. This design freedom comes with the most expensive because it requires construction time and labor. When planning to remodel your kitchen, consider cabinet peripherals that will enhance the functionality of your chosen layout. You can add units with built-in spice racks, drop-down shelves, pot organizers, space savers, pantry storage, and more. 

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Coordinate style and color to transform your kitchen or bathroom

Cabinet color selection works in tandem with the lines of the chosen cabinet style. When you change any of them, the overall appearance changes. Consider the following example using the Shaker style.

White Shaker cabinets 

White Shaker cabinets stand out with the crisp lines of simplicity. Pure white adds a crisp, clean, and fresh look while brightening the entire kitchen space. This combination transcends design styles; It works just as well in modern kitchen design as it does in traditional and cottage kitchens. Less becomes more!

The Shaker style in white remains a fashionable option because it supports versatility. It is timeless. Go ‘white on white,’ use vibrant floor and wall colors, or go for something in between. 

Honey Shaker cabinets 

Honey Shaker cabinets offer the same simplicity and versatility while providing subtle additional warmth. The soft tone harmonizes very well with countertops and backsplashes in shades of gray and the entire spectrum of browns.

Espresso Shaker cabinets

Espresso Shaker cabinets bring dramatic richness to the room with a deep, dark hue. Retaining the Shaker style, it now makes a bold statement of rugged elegance. Selections for surrounding design components determine visual depth.

Regardless of the cabinet design chosen, going from a light-toned option like Cinnamon Dove to a mid-tone option like Pecan Square or Ginger Square makes a very clear difference. The change is even more dramatic when opting for deeper shades like Dark Cherry.

Styles and Colors 

Mixing cabinet styles and colors are extremely popular. This fact is the driving force behind transitional designs; Comfortably combine traditional features with sophisticated modern design elements. Create your own look!

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Use rich espresso for lower cabinets while installing white or light-toned upper cabinets to anchor the design and give off an aura of serenity. Visually lower the height of the kitchen ceiling by installing dark-toned cabinets at the top and lighter shades at the bottom.

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