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Welcome to the RV lifestyle! If you’re like many new RVers, it’s likely that you’re excited to hit the open road. However, before you pack up your rig, it’s a good idea to make sure you have the right coverages, pack with purpose, and are ready to embrace anything that comes up along the way. In being well-prepared for your first RV vacation, you’ll increase your odds of having a great time and falling in love with the adventure and options an RV trip can provide. For a few things to consider before heading out onto the road in your new or used RV, read on.

Getting Proper Coverage

Step one in planning your first RV vacation is checking on your coverages. You’ll want to review your extended RV warranty, optional coverages, and insurance policies. In checking on these things before you head out onto the open road, you’ll have peace of mind. That is, instead of worrying that something might go wrong, you’ll know you’re covered, giving you the ability to focus on quality time with your travel companions.

Start by calling your Utah RV dealer or insurance salesperson and asking for a copy of your policies. Be sure to ask about traveler’s insurance, too. The more coverage you have, the better you’ll feel about hitting the road for the first time in your RV.

Packing With Purpose

Packing With Purpose

Nothing can ruin the perfect campfire like realizing you forgot the marshmallows or hot dogs. The same applies to clothes. For example, if you know you’ll be staying in a fancy RV park, it’s a good idea to bring clothes you can wear to events on top of the normal clothing you’ll bring for that hiking trip. A Google search like “women dresses” or “raincoats” is a great way to be sure you have everything you need for your trip.

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Start your packing with a checklist. Consider all types of weather and events. You might be surprised how quickly climates change and/or what opportunities await in places you’ve never been. Bringing one of everything is always a good idea. And don’t just stop at food and clothes. You’ll also want to pack utensils, cooking supplies, technology, and entertainment for rainy days. If you aren’t sure what you need to bring, consider calling the RV park where you’ll be staying to check on amenities. For instance, some Florida parks are located next to golf courses. Knowing this would help you remember to pack those clubs.

Being Spontaneous

Being Spontaneous

Many people underestimate the value of being open-minded while traveling. While it’s smart to set a solid plan for your final destination, it’s also important to leave room for change. Build in extra time for spontaneous adventures along your travels. If you’re like many and are in a position where you can work or learn remotely, add at least an extra week to your travels and you’ll thank yourself for it later.

Maybe you already know the best RV destinations and have one in mind. However, you might also be happily surprised to stumble upon a new place or opportunity you hadn’t heard about during your planning. Being prepared to try new things and make last-minute changes could be a great way to make memories of your first trip that will last a lifetime. Also, always know how to contact help if you ever run into a problem. If you ever need Mobile RV Repair Utah is a good state to easily
find it in, as are many others.

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In the end, there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to how you travel and use your travel budget. However, by having the proper and even optional coverages, understanding your warranty plan, packing well, and doing some research ahead, you’ll be more likely to have a successful first RV vacation. Happy and safe travels to you. Enjoy your first RV destination!

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