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Since time immemorial, entrepreneurs have crafted a unique vision that has led them to leave their mark in the world. Their innovative ideas have helped make a difference in millions of lives one way or the other.

According to the Economic Survey 2019-2020, India ranked third in entrepreneurship, with the growth rate of new firms in the formal sector being a stable 12.2% since 2014. Moreover, it is no surprise that India has emerged as the most active market globally in a world where the education industry is booming.

The statistics speak for themselves. The searches for research paper writing, dissertation help and assignment services have seen a steady surge. Moreover, the overall literacy rate of India was 77.7% in 2020, which is a pretty good increase from 2018’s 74.37%. Therefore, new blood about to embark on an entrepreneur journey in this sector is bound to create some buzz.

The Learning Leader Entrepreneur: Gunjan Aggarwal

The co-founder of Learn with Leaders, Gunjan Aggarwal, has one dream- to democratise “Ivy League education for high school students.” With this goal in mind, Aggarwal established Learn with Leaders in 2020, emerging as one of the world’s most talked-about networks in the student community.

Gunjan’s journey hasn’t been easy. Before dedicating herself entirely to Learn with Leaders, Gunjan Aggarwal was a CA. Her bright mind enabled her to complete her course in just three years, making her one of the fastest and youngest to achieve such a feat.

However, things don’t run smoothly for Gunjan as the local laws prohibit a CA from being a partner in any business. So she didn’t think twice before giving up her license.

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But what pushed Gunjan to take such a drastic step?

It was her vision to spread quality education amongst all.

The Beginnings Of The Journey

Gunjan Aggarwal always dreamed of studying in an Ivy League college. The idea of learning in an environment surrounded by the brightest minds had always held an attraction for her. But, unfortunately, studying abroad costs an exuberant sum, and Gunjan’s parents couldn’t fulfil their daughter’s dreams.

Without easy access to better learning sources, Gunjan soon realized the importance of foreign networks in education. That is when she decided not to let any other student harbour the same regrets in life. Keeping true to her motivation, Gunjan soon established Learn with Leaders that helped students gain access to international and professional networks around courses.

What Does Learn with Leaders Offer?

The primary purpose of Learn with Leaders is to democratise Ivy League college education for students. But, unfortunately, many students like Gunjan Aggarwal have to give up their dreams of achieving high-quality education due to the sky-rocketing expenses of attending foreign universities.

Learn with Leaders provides curated programs for high school students that offer Ivy-league education at affordable prices for such students. Some of the educational centres that have partnered with Learn with Leaders are:

  • Leadership Institute at Harvard College
  • Harvard Students Agencies (HSA)
  • The Centre For Sustainable Development and Global Competitiveness at Stanford University
  • Harvard Graduate Women In Science & Engineering

Additionally, Learn with Leaders has also collaborated with names like:

  • Debate Mate
  • Women’s Debate Institute, USA
  • Imperial College Speakers Club London
  • Young Turks Business Challenge
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In just a short period, Gunjan’s dream has started to become a reality. The various webinars, workshops, seminars, programs and competitions that Learn with Leaders organises through its collaboration with some of the top Ivy-League networks make it possible for students to access the highest quality education at highly affordable prices.

But that’s not all students gain from Learn with Leaders.

Gunjan Aggarwal is well aware of how unprepared students feel when they step out into the corporate world. After spending years in the confines of an educational institution, the sudden shift into professional life can be jarring and intimidating for many.

The concept of traditional learning is not something that is followed with much enthusiasm in India. Most parents believe in the conventional schooling system that doesn’t look beyond the exam scores. The students receive no support to develop and grow independently and are bound to a never-ending race against their peers.

Hence, Learn with Leaders provides them with the opportunity to learn social skills and develop an idea of the professional culture that they’ll come across soon in the future. As their name implies, the organisation has partnered with educational leaders to provide an experience that goes beyond standard textbook learning.

Why Do Students Choose Learn With Leaders?

The standardised grading system traps students in a box, making clear distinctions between those who score well and those who don’t. Gunjan Aggarwal is against this kind of learning system. “I just don’t like the relative grading system,” she says.

Perhaps that’s why, when students come to Learn with Leaders, no one asks them to recite their grades. There’s no discrimination based on academic performance. Instead, it’s a place that welcomes all who have the desire to learn.

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“When students feel comfortable, they open up and tell us how they’re living their parents’ dreams,” says Aggarwal. “We allow them to go beyond those dreams and find their paths.”

Students who struggle with academics depend on tools like an essay rewriter or thesis writer, making them overly dependent on such help. However, Learn with Leaders provides students with an out-of-classroom experience that transforms them into independent learners.

As Aggarwal and her team move towards implementing more ambitious projects and increased networks, there’s no doubt that Learn with Leaders can “start an industrial revolution in education and service students worldwide” in just five years.

Summing it up,

Gunjan Aggarwal’s dream of democratising Ivy-League education for students found its answer in Learn for Leaders. This initiative has helped students gain access to the brightest of minds without emptying their bank accounts. Aggarwal’s success is something to note as it highlights the growing demand for experimental learning and new-age education in countries that have held on to the traditional methods for too long.

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