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Love spells are made to make a person fall in love with you or to return to your side. You want to know how to do love spells like the love spell with candles, the love spell for life or the love spell so that he thinks of you. Do you dare to try them?

Love spells are used to find your better half or to keep her with you. These are made with white magic so they are not dark or dangerous but we use nature to achieve a good purpose.

Most of them are effective if done correctly but you have to have patience and persistence to get the results you crave. Next, we recommend various love spells that you can perform at home for different purposes.

Love spells with candles

There are a lot of variety of love spells with candles. One of the simplest is that of the white candle to attract love. This consists of placing a white candle on a surface and writing a phrase on a piece of paper a phrase like “love come to me.” Turn it on, burn the paper and wait for it to burn up while you think about true love.

The spell with a red candle serves to know if he loves you and attract love to settle feelings and thoughts, you must think about that person while you do it to be effective.

In this spell you will need a red candle, a blank paper and a red pen. Follow these steps: on white paper write the name of the person you are in love with and circle it making a heart with the red pen. Then put the candle on the paper, light it and let it burn out.

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Think of that special person as the candle burns and count the drops of wax that fall on the paper. If no drop has fallen it may mean that that person has his heart occupied. However, if several drops fall it means that you have doubts.

Love spells for life

The love spell for life is used to find true and lasting love. The materials needed to do it are the following: a sheet of white paper, a red ink pen, a white envelope, a perfume, red wine and ashes from an incense stick. You have to follow the following steps:

– First of all, write on the paper with a red pen and positivity this sentence: “I (my name and surname) request to find love, the perfect love, the ideal love, the true love, the love of my life and so that it may be, I seal this letter with dust, light and water “ROMA LE RARTNOCHE”.

– Then sprinkle the letter with a few drops of perfume on its ends and with your fingers the ashes of the incense inside the envelope.

– Next, fold the page, put it inside the envelope and before closing the envelope recite aloud what you have written on the sheet. Close the envelope tightly and put it in your underwear drawer. I spell to make you think of me.

A spell to think about me is used to start a sentimental story with another person. You will get him to think of you at all times and imagine a future together. To perform this enchantment you will need the following ingredients: a recent photo of you and one of hers, scissors, a red string, a jar, and brown sugar. This consists of taking the two photos and putting one on top of the other, counting the two so that they measure the same. Now we place the two one in front of the other and we sew them on the sides with the red thread.

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Then we fill the jar with the brown sugar halfway and we will place the photos on top, saying the following words: “May this spell make me the protagonist of your sweetest thoughts, and so be it until our love is consumed” . Finally, we will fill the jar to the top and keep it until our wish is fulfilled.

Love spell to return

As for the love spells for a lost love to return, we recommend one of the most used the “shoe spell.” To perform this spell you will need: some shoes that you no longer use, a little cinnamon, a parchment paper and a black pencil. This is what you have to do: write on the paper the name of the person you want to return to your side eleven times and fold the paper another eleven times until you write the name eleven times. Put the cinnamon inside the shoes and put the paper on the left foot.

Then she jumps three times reciting the following: Come back to me, I order you! And start walking around your house with them and when you’re done, leave your shoes on the door of your room. Do this for three days.

It is also a good choice to make love ties so that that loved one does not leave your side or if they have already done so, they return to you.