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As the US accelerates its journey as one of the leading business markets in the world, we see breakthrough progression as innovative leaders emerge in 2020. We have put together a list of interesting businesses that you should keep on your radar this year for inspiration. Here are a few American businesses that are consistently growing despite the recent crisis.

World Wide Technology, Inc.

It is one of the giant companies in the US with $11.28 billion in revenue in 2018. David Steward co-founded this Mo-based IT products and services company in 1990 and James Kavanaugh is the CEO. It assists its customers in implementing and using the technology in an effective manner with a maximum yield of production and revenue through smart work. Innovative leaders merged with fantastic ideas and received numerous benefits using technology-based implementation. According to the census of 2018, the company had more than 5000 in-house full-time employees.

Revolutionary Concepts Inc.

Revolutionary Concepts Inc. is one of the fast-growing companies in the US with annual revenue of $30 million. For the first time in the company’s history under Solomon Ali (Richard Marshall Carter) leadership, the company also has generated revenue from its exclusive licensee agreement. Solomon Ali has served as a director and officer of three public traded companies. As a result of arranging millions in funding and strategically assist Revolutionary Concepts Inc., it obtains an exclusive Licensee Eyetalk 365 LLC, with its mobile video communication technology and patented security alarm. One of the managing members, Nicole Singletary had directed Eyetalk 365. Ross Helfer had also worked side by side and expanded the patent portfolio from 6 patents to over 36. Eyetalk 365, has licensed their technology to many companies, including Amazon’s RING, Sky Bell, CPI, Axis, and others. Smart homes can access patent technology using two-way audio/video communication via devices triggered by a motion sensor. The sensor sends the signal to a smart device, such as smartphones, computers, panels or iPad or other smart devices.


ML Production

The core mantra of the company is “bringing quality entertainment that leaves a lasting impression”. Michael Stemley is a Louisiana-based African American businessman and the founder and CEO of ML Production LLC. Starting off his career as an accountant, he later turned to the entertainment industry. However, he still looks after the accounts along with the management of the company. The best thing about the company is that it had showcased entertainers, such as Fantasia, Frankie Beverly, Keith Sweat and Maze. ML Production has a great influence on the industry when it comes to entertainment. The company has availed numerous opportunities to build professional relationships with businessmen, athletes, etc. and hosted their interviews.

Moreover, the unique style of entertainment and production mostly relies on the nature or theme of the content. Michael Stemley’s ML Production was also affiliated with TR Music Group, which was formed by R&B Legend Teddy Riley. Consequently, they started producing videos for every niche and paid strict attention to content and quality for ensuring client-oriented results.

Blank Itinerary

Blank Itinerary was founded in 2014 by Paola Alberdi. Paola, born in San Diego, California, on November 22, 1988, is an outstanding fashion blogger. She has participated in the most important fashion events and collaborated with the most renowned publishers in the industry.

The stylish Latina is a fashion guru who shares her knowledge of styles through her website. Despite being born in the United States, Paola is proud of her heritage and shares her content in both English and Spanish. Paola inspires people around the world and enjoys this fun mix of cultures. She has been working since the age of 16. After attending the San Diego State University, Paola started her career as a fashion influencer on Instagram that turned out to be a great success. Her blog, Blank Itinerary, which she launched in May 2014, gained international recognition and millions of followers online. She was named as one of the richest bloggers who were born in California. She has worked with Amazon to co-create “The Drop,” a new fashion line for affordable street style collection.

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VividLogic Inc.

Shiva Patibanda, born on 31st August 1959, was the founder and CEO of VividLogic Inc., a self-boot-strapped Silicon Valley company founded in 1999.  VividLogic did not take any venture funds and was acquired by SeaChange Inc for close to $30 Million (including earnouts) in Feb 2010.  Shiva is one of the pioneers in the development of embedded software for Consumer Electronics devices, such as Digital Cable STB, DVHS and HDTV based of Firewire or the IEEE-1394 Serial Bus originally developed by Apple Inc.

Under Shiva’s leadership, embedded software products of VividLogic based on Firewire were developed and deployed in over 60 million devices of leading brands of Cable STB (IEEE-1394 Firewire port was mandated by FCC on every digital Cable STB), DVHS and HDTV in North America, Asia and Europe.  Comcast licensed VividLogic’s STB middleware in 2011 and deployed it in their premium Xfinity X1 STB.  Comcast has deployed VividLogic Software in over 40 million STB to-date. This software is now referred to as the Reference Design Kit (RDK).  Shiva has earned the nick name of the “God Father” of the RDK.

Shiva served as CTO of SeaChange International for five years and as CTO and Head of Ericsson Media TV Platform Business for three years. Currently, he serves as advisor to the CEO of MediaKind Inc and Evergent. He is also an investor in PeopleShores, Smiota, and Locomizer.

Vista Equity Partners

Brian Sheth and Robert Smith had founder Vista Equity Partners, which deals with the database and data processing using software technology. The secret of success of this company is unity among partners and employees; there are around 65,000 employees currently working for this company worldwide. They have not revealed their revenue and turn over, but the emerging firm has headquartered in Texas and Austin. According to Forbes, Robert Smith is a billionaire having assets more than $5.5 billion.

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The Bottom Line

American businesses hold a substantial amount of overall global revenue. The top 100 companies had employed more than 71,000 employees in 2019. Most of these top 100 firms were established during the last 10 years. Recently emerging companies are at the entrepreneurial stage and likely to get stable very soon. When it comes to women participation, they are not sitting behind the curtains. One of the examples of successful businesswomen is Paola, who founded Blank Itinerary in 2014 and attracted the attention of brands as big as Amazon and Armani.

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