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Flower gardening becomes a much-loved passion, but it can also be overwhelming, especially when you’re starting out. Millions of plants choose from and even more ways to combine them, and inexperienced gardeners may not know where to start.

Flowers bring more color and fragrance to your gardenThey also attract various insects like butterflies. Some of the most beautiful  and least expensive plants of the hibiscus family and orchid families give your garden a new look.  If you have a flower garden, you’ll need a plan for keeping your flower plants healthy and for which you need which type of flower will suit your garden. Please check the list of the flowers for your garden to give it a colorful touch.


These incredible perennials look smooth but are as strong as nails! They bloom in end of the winter to early spring and sometimes jump over snow. They come in many colors, from pure white to deepest pink, and every color in between is nearly black.


Hydrangeas are one of the most common flowers in summer. Known for their large round flower heads, they come in a variety of colors, from white and pink to blue and purple. There are a wide range of hydrangeas, the most common of which is the moped hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla). Hydrangeas come from South and East Asia, especially Japan, China and Indonesia. These types of flowers need shade structures ,they can’t survive in direct sunlight. You use your Metal Garages or outdoor building space to grow these types of flowers.

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When we talk about vines, the first plant genus that comes to mind is bougainvillea. It is a low-maintenance vine, often recognized by its clusters of brightly colored bracts (special leaves). Real little white flowers curled inside. Upon closer contact, you will see an abundance of thorny branches. 


Begonias (Begonia tuberhybrida) have large, attractive pink flowers that are popular with avid gardeners. The first documented discovery of begonias was made by Charles Plumier, a Franciscan monk who discovered begonias in Brazil in 1690.They bloom in summer and although they may not be the easiest plant to care for, their beautiful blooms and attractive greenery make them great plants for added to any garden. They were bred to have many colors, the most popular of which were red, yellow, and orange.

Four O’Clock

The four hour (Mirabilis jalapa) blooms from dusk to dawn and is an ancient favorite. Available in a variety of colors, from yellow to purple to stripes, they are easy to grow from seed and can reach two to three feet in height. Enjoy this season from summer to frost, or if you live in a warmer winter climate expect the flowers to return year after year.


Camellia (Camellia japonica) is one of the most popular flowers in the southern United States and is native to East and South Asia. There are more than 3000 species of camellia available in white, pink and red in various colors. They have finely layered petals and are often used as an ingredient in floral perfumes because of their sweet aroma.

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Tropical hibiscus flowers bring a flamenco atmosphere to patios and container gardens, even for beginners. As for Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, if you provide enough sunshine and plenty of water, you’ll get continuous flowers up to 8 inches in diameter throughout the growing season. Like many tropical flowers, the shining hibiscus flower is a beacon for butterflies. You can choose varieties to suit any color scheme, because flowering occurs in hot colors like yellow, orange and red, as well as cool colors like pink, white and purple.


Flowering tobacco, also known as nicotiana, is a colorful addition to planting beds. Available in pink, red, white, and even light green, this flower is perfect for a lunar garden. The strong aroma of Nicotiana attracts hummingbird moths at night when the flowers open up to supply hungry animals with nectar for the buffet.


Daffodils are a symbol of friendship and one of the most popular spring flowers. Known as Narcissus pseudonarcissus, the botanical name comes from Narcissus, a character in Greek mythology who is a hunter who falls in love with his own reflection in a mirror. The downward slanted shape of the lilies allowed her to look down at her own reflection. Born in Western Europe, daffodils are known for their bright yellow flowers that thrive in the country.


Native to subtropical America, including Hawaii, Plumeria rubra is a popular flower used in lei. They emit a very sweet aroma and are ideal as cut flowers to freshen up your home. Plumeria has beautiful colors with colors like pink, white, yellow, and red.

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Dahlia (Dahlia hortensis) is a flower known for its layered petals and spectacular blooms, and is highly cultivated and hybridized by breeders to create the most beautiful blooms. It is a yearbook that blooms from summer to early winter and is born in South America, Mexico, and Central America. Dahlias come in almost every color of the rainbow. The most popular colors are: fuchsia, pink, orange and red.


Tulips are popular for their unique shape and color and are native to Africa, Asia and Europe. From bright reds and yellows to almost black-purple, there seems to be a tulip for every color of the rainbow. They bloom from spring to early summer and are popular at Easter. Red tulips are great for weddings because they symbolize true love, and yellow tulips symbolize happiness.


Another popular spring flower is the iris (Iris germanica). Known for their bright lavender and purple blossoms, these flowers symbolize wisdom, hope and trust. The beauty of the iris has allowed it to become an iconic subject in the visual arts, as evidenced by one of Vincent van Gogh’s most famous paintings, Iris. They are native to the eastern Mediterranean and bloom in May.

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