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Cake has been the most popular and flavourful dessert across the globe. Many flavours have made their place in the cake world in today’s time, but chocolate still remains the most popular choice among all. Some people are so addicted to it that they do not even care to taste any other flavour in cakes.

Do you know – According to a survey conducted, almost 49.5 per cent of the population is very optimistic about chocolate cake. They can eat chocolate cake at any time of the day. According to another survey conducted, chocolate cake tops the table as it is noticed that in almost 81 countries, more than 4,00,000 searches take place every month worldwide.

As you go back to the history of chocolate cake, you would see a vast difference from today. Back in 1764, it was Dr James Baker who took two cocoa pieces and started grinding to get the chocolate out of them. Then in 1847, the first chocolate cake recipe was published. Then in the 19th century, chocolate cakes were considered a luxury because of the price of cocoa. Only a special event and the elite class could afford it. As the 20th century knocked in, the cocoa prices fell, and the chocolate cake was able to reach the masses. Hence, from that time onwards, chocolate cake is admired by most people around the world.

Chocolate was the only different flavour that became popular by Pillsbury in 1948. Before that, it was spices, ginger, white, yellow cakes that people used to have. Now it is accessible to bake a chocolate cake or take an online cake delivery in Bangalore or anywhere around the globe because of the excess availability and tech reforms. But have you ever wondered why only chocolate cake receives more love than the other cake flavours present in the world?

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There are specific reasons for it, let us have a look at them.

Everyone Likes Chocolate

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t like chocolate? Like it’s an addicted sweet which is enjoyed by a huge population around the globe. From large countries like Russia and Canada to small ones like the Maldives, you will find different cake recipes everywhere, but the chocolate flavour would be shared among all. Regardless of ethnicity or culture, or country, chocolate will be found everywhere.

Chocolate Is A Comfort Food

You would have noticed that we switch to chocolate whenever we feel down or low or not in a good mood. Yes, the reason why chocolate cake is readily available because people feel sad at any time, and to feel good, they opt to have chocolate cake. Chocolate releases chemicals that help one to feel good and happier at times. So, it comforts people quickly.

It Helps In Relieving Stress

Chocolate is best known as a stress buster because of the cocoa present in it. It helps in releasing endorphins and regulates chemicals and hormones such as cortisol, dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine. It also helps to balance the brain and makes you feel positive—another reason why chocolate is considered the best flavour among all.

Easily Available

Go to any bakery shop or any online bakery store; you would find a chocolate cake as a bestseller, and most probably, chocolate flavour cake would be available with them. It is because the wide range of audience demands it. People ditch the rich flavours of red velvet or rainbow cake for chocolate. It is like they are addicted to it and can have its access anywhere around the world.

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It Has Many Varieties

If you see, there are various chocolate cakes for different occasions. 2-tier chocolate cake, choco mousse, choco lava, chocolate fondant, 12 layered chocolate cake, semi chocolate cake etc., you will find many varieties of chocolate cake loved by different people. Still, the flavour remains the same.

It Is Versatile

Is there any occasion where the chocolate cake cannot fit? From festivals to events like weddings, chocolate cake goes well with all. It is a well-appreciated cake and a universally accepted flavour. Even for vanilla, you can find many haters but not for chocolate. Not only for occasions, but it is also a kind of dessert loved at home. People often consume it after or before or with any meal. So, you see how versatile it is.

Wrapping Up

If you ask yourself – even you consider chocolate more comfortable and love to have it at any time of the year. When asked, people usually take chocolate names more often than any other cake. You know, it’s because of the flavours it has and the comfort zone it provides. Well, you must have agreed with the reasons mentioned above about the likings of chocolate cake. If not, then you can let us know your logic and let us enlighten each other. We hope this article helps you to increase your knowledge about chocolate cakes.