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It isn’t easy to market small businesses. It’s tough.

Many people struggle to find the right targeted audience, no matter what strategies they use. If it sounds similar to you, you are in the right place.

In this article, we don’t have to focus on every marketing strategy. But we have to focus on proven strategies that work. Strategies will drive traffic to your store and increase revenue for your small business.

No Magical marketing strategy!

The goal is to connect with a dedicated audience that values your business. The SEO agency will help you find the right marketing strategy that will suit your business to drive more customers.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Agency
SEO Agency

The majority of online traffic for your store will come from search engines like Google. An online business should expect 35% of total traffic and 33% of search engine result page revenue. This marketing strategy takes time, and it is cheaper to gain customers through search versus paid advertising, that levels out the costs.

Ranking high can get you more traffic. For example, if your keyword “San Antonio SEO services” ranks fourth, that gets 90,000 searches per month. So we can say that the average click-through rate for URL in position four is about 4.8%.

If we do some statistics about this, it will get around 4400 visitors per month from one keyword, and it is a lot of potential customers. It seems like a daunting task to optimize your store for search, but it’s a lot easier than you think. SEO will help you increase visibility and grow online sales.

Social Media Marketing

It is one of the best strategies for small businesses. By using social networks to promote and sell products and services. Brands can use organic and paid social media marketing tactics. And it can increase sales and build awareness. You need to determine the right social media platform to measure the success of a social media campaign.

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Popular social media platforms:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • WeChat
  • Twitter

Social media marketing involves understanding, reacting, and engaging your audience. It builds real connections with their audience that add a bit of joy to their daily lives.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Email is an owned marketing channel. It means you can control the content and distribution. This strategy relates to sending messages to potential and present customers to educate, sell, and build affinity. It becomes the most cost-effective and conversion-rich way for an eCommerce business today.

Also, the best part is you can create automated email marketing campaigns that connect your customers and keep them coming back. For example:

Transactional emails: The email sent during checkout or buying other actions. These are functional for sending key shipping and order information to customers.

Promotional emails: It is to create awareness and promote new products or deals. For example, it could be an email sequence to send a limited-time offer during the shopping holiday.

You create an email list and send compelling messages. It helps you keep in touch with customers and retain them. It’s easy to get ready with free email service and start building your email list that drives revenue for your business.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the best way that helps to market your brand and build awareness online. It involves partnering with creators that align your brand messaging and promoting products through channels. Influencers can generate higher user engagement than branded content.

The average engagement is around 5.7%, while roughly, it is two times higher than published content brands. Top marketing channels are Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, etc.


You can have endless opportunities in influencer marketing. Finding influencers is time-consuming. And many platforms help you find creators, keep on track and start your campaign.

Google Ads

Many businesses stick to social media ads on Facebook or Instagram for easy use. But they miss out on opportunities to find customers on the two most significant search engines: Google and YouTube. Set a flexible budget as low as $5 and pay when someone clicks on your ad.

It is a target-specific audience that is based on behaviors and past actions. It makes Google Ads an attractive ad type that you can use to reach customers. For example, you offer SEO services, and people search for this term every month. It’s a specific term that converts because it relates to your product.

Setting up Google Ads is tricky. But if you learn how to advertise with it, you can reach a huge target audience with high buying intent. And also, run retargeting campaigns and drive more sales and traffic faster.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Business owners know the importance of building a strong presence online. They invest in ads, develop email strategies to attract customers but look at their content strategy, and you will notice nothing.


In niche markets where content is managed poorly and not optimized, they missed out on a great opportunity for online business. Businesses found new ways to approach content and engage with their audience. And now they are becoming content creators and producers. San Antonio SEO company believes that it’s a profitable marketing strategy you can use in your business today.

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Referral Programs

It is a promotional strategy that encourages your customer so you can refer to new ones to your business. Referrals drive more than $6 trillion in consumer spending, and they are natural. But companies use dedicated referral systems to increase awareness and sales predictably.

These programs work because consumers turn to their peers for trusted information about services and brands. The research has shown that family and friend’s recommendations have more power than a celebrity endorsement. It is a straightforward and effective strategy.

Implement marketing techniques for business growth!

Building a marketing strategy is not a brain surgery that you can’t do. The strategies work for both small and local businesses. It takes little effort to know how to execute to see great results. Some strategies will work for you best, while some others work. It’s ok. You need to test each one and see what works best for you. Invest time in the right strategies, or you can consult an SEO agency to make your business grow with less effort.

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