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Air conditioning system is a major component of your home, designed to perform three vital functions, including cooling/heating, humidification and ventilation or Clean-up. The system is fractionated in number of components and each individual has an important role to play.

Whenever there is any blackball issue in any of the components, it leads to many inconveniences. To avoid any major damage and get quality air with low maintenance cost throughout, it’s always necessary to keep an eye on the system. Regular Air Conditioning maintenance and clean-up of the system increase the healthy age of your HVAC system as well. Cleaning your system should be kept in the priority list as the system deals with the quality of air you breathe. It directly affects both your health and wealth.

Cleaning up the system is a critical part of regular maintenance. You can reach up to some portions and put your best efforts to clean. But there are many hidden and far reaching components if you are not proactive. Hence, it’s advisable to call the expert and get each and every component checked periodically. You can search for experts on your phone too.

Let’s say for example you type that want AC repair in Mission Viejo, and you will get the list of  best players offering topnotch AC repair services in Mission Viejo. Click on the reputed AC maintenance services in Mission Viejo and get an annual subscription to increase the longevity of the system, reduce the energy consumption, and breathe healthy air. For basic cleaning of the system, here are some of the best DIY tips for you, which can help to maintain your HVAC system.

Your AC system contains an indoor and outdoor compartments and each is having different types of coils you need to maintain. Indoor compartment is an evaporator coil which is essential for the heat exchange process. It contains the refrigerant and removes the humidity inside the living area. The outdoor coil is a condensing coil which removes the hot air. To perform the clean-up you need work on both indoor and outdoor compartments of the system.

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How To Clean-up The Indoor Compartment Of Air Conditioning?

Power off the AC System and Open up

Cleaning the indoor compartment is daytime work as you turn off the power supply there would not be any light. You may even need extra light set up if your system is placed in a dark area. As the system is made of many electrical parts, to ensure safety, you should start with turning off the power supply. Once you turn it off, open up the system starting with the door to the evaporator coil.

Cleaning Evaporator coil

Wear a mask to prevent any dust from entering your body and start cleaning the coil using a brush. The area would be full of dust particles inside the home which may include debris, pollen or even skin cells. For the best cleaning you can use coil cleaner solutions. You just need to spray the solution, which foams up and drips into the drain pan. Try to spray it as far as you can reach the components of the coil. You can perform such cleaning on the warm day so that on turning the unit on, the system rinses off the coils.

Drain Pan Of AC

After cleaning the evaporator coil the next part in line is the drain pan. Using soap and hot water is one of the cheapest yet effective ways to clean it. For sanitation, you can apply bleach too. You can also use the drain pan tablets to prevent any microbial growth. If your drain is clogged due to mold and algae, you need to clear it. Drain pipe has a small diameter so there are high chances of clogging if you don’t clean it on a regular basis. However, the drain usually ends up outside or in the basement. To clear any clogging you need to use a vacuum. For this, take the vacuum to the end of the drain, hold it tight to prevent any air leakage, turn it on for two to three minute to clear the build-up material.

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Tips For Cleaning Outdoor Compartment Of AC

Cleaning the outdoor compartment is not as easy as the inside one. The outdoor compartment is exposed to the dirt, debris, microbes, and all other pollutants present out there. You may even need some special set of requirements to perform outdoor cleaning.

Remove the System Grill and Debris

Before any type of cleaning, it’s always advisable to turn off the power supply to ensure safety. After power off take out the screws and lift the grill. Not the exposed part may have a bunch of debris as there is no guard to prevent such accumulation. You can clean the area using a brush or cotton cloth. Also, you can even vacuum the part to get it clean thoroughly.

Coils And Fins

Fins are a very delicate part of the system which requires care during cleaning. To clean the coils, you can use cleanser solutions. Dilute the solution as per the direction, fill it in the spray and just apply it on the coil. It will foam up in a few minutes, so you can just clean it with a hose. Be extremely careful while using the cleanser as it’s dangerous for the skin. So use safety gloves to avoid any damage.

Comb The Fins

When fins are bent, the airflow is reduced. Moreover, the structure is too delicate; hence, this part of the maintenance requires lots of care. You can use a fin tool to comb the fins per inch, making sure the fins per inch are proper.

Level The System

As the outdoor area of the system is having direct exposure, dirt may accumulate and change the level. If the unit is not on the proper level, the system may not run efficiently and may get damaged. Hence, while maintenance, just ensure the levels.

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Finally, regular clean up and maintenance check improves the air quality, decreases the energy consumption and increases the longevity of the system. You may also notice any major and minor issues of the system which should be taken care off. If you find any major issue, Get it checked by the top air conditioner coil cleaner in San Diego as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

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