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“Mitigating volumetric DDoS attacks with programmable switches” was presented at the 2021 Network Symposiums, held in Hawaii from the 6th through 9th September 2021. Gail-Joon A. Han and Yonghzhiang Loh presented their paper “iptables – programmable interface for mitigating DDoS proxy.” In this paper, we will discuss more why it is necessary to deal with such DDoS attacks and why it is also possible to deal with them by using software-defined networking. We will then go over how we can use this to mitigate DDoS attacks and how this works.


“IPabling – The Software Defined Networking” was presented by Yonghzhiang Loh and Gail-Joon A. Han this year. The theme of this paper is “IP addressing and IP migration.” It looks closely at how IP addressing functions in terms of migration and how to make the most of your existing address so that you can create new wireless connections. The paper talks about the advantages of software-defined networking and why it is important in current times. It also examines how easy it is to make the most of a router’s abilities.


“Microsoft Works – Assessing the Best Paper Award for Volumetric DDoS Mitigation” was presented by Yonghzhiang Loh and Gail-Joon A. Han this past February. This one has been around for quite some time but took renewed interest due to the recent increase in its attention in the IT community. This one discusses ways that a network attack can occur and how to prevent it from affecting the best network. The proceedings of the symposium were therefore focused on ways to DDoS protection free by blocking the attacks from ever taking place in the first place.

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This presentation looked closely at how the Chinese government tried to clamp down on DoS attacks before they reached critical levels. However, there was a major problem with the way that this worked. First, the government had to get authorization from the company itself before it could block any attacks. Secondly, once the attack had taken place, the authorities had to find out which company was responsible. There were no clear proofs that the company in question was doing anything wrong.


This one was presented by Yonghzhiang Loh and Jing Chen of UC Berkeley. They examined why the best paper award was won by two attackers who used a vulnerability that was relatively easy to find. This vulnerability had been found and exploited a few years ago. The attack was successful and caused huge amounts of denial of service. A few months later, the attacker lost interest in the hobby, stopped doing his usual things, and turned to a different hobby. Was this person smart enough not to wait until the problem got worse before turning his attention elsewhere?


There were several other interesting things discussed at this conference. One talked about the fact that some people think that there is no such thing as a good vulnerability anymore because so many people look for it. There are many programs on the market that deal with discovering these vulnerabilities. Many people could easily find programs or buy programs that would fix the website security scan.


Another interesting thing to note is that the Maryland Department of Defense was involved in a study on what type of Vulnerability Management Best Practices might be best suited for their use. That report was to be presented at the International Conference on Virtualization and Cloud Computing. One interesting thing noted was that the Maryland Department of Defense did not have very good acceptance rates for their Vulnerability Assessment and Response Teams. It also discovered that many times the Vulnerability Assessment teams were not even sure if the software used by their Vulnerability Analysts were actually up-to-date.

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The Maryland conference made quite clear that the Vulnerability Assessment and Response Teams need to improve their acceptance rates. They also need to better explain their processes and how they operate. This might help make the entire process much easier for those that work on Vulnerability Assessment teams. It might also help them to get more cooperation from their customers. In other words, the whole website security scan picture needs to be put in perspective with regards to Mitigating Volumetric DDoS Attacks with Programmable Switches and other Vulnerability Assessment solutions by 2021.

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