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Buying a property comes with a mountain of paperwork which might become highly daunting for the buyers. This huge paperwork is one of the major reasons behind people looking for a property dealer or agent while buying a property in Kerala. However, the best way to make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the essential papers is to do the homework yourself. Doing research before setting out to finalize the things is one of the best ways you can ensure that you don’t miss any paperwork.


To help all the potential buyers and our readers, we are going to discuss it.


List of  important documents you must have for buying a property in Kerala


  1. Title Deed

Title deed is one of the most crucial documents related to the property that cannot be transferred by anyone other than the current owner of the property. Further, it cannot be transferred to a prospective buyer if the current deed is not free from any defects or legal liabilities. The buyer can find and investigate all the details related to the title deed at a Sub-Registrar’s office and find out if everything is as claimed by the seller. Another thing that must be checked by the buyer at the time of purchase is the presence of disputes over property ownership. Many times the sellers only have development rights to the property and claim having ownership rights. So, it is important to check the title deed before buying a property in Kerala.

 2. Sale Agreement

The sale agreement is a document that contains all the conditions agreed upon by the seller and the buyer. It also establishes the ownership rights of the property being bought. The sale deed is also registered in the office of Sub-Registrar and might require some witnesses as well, depending on the type of property.

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 3. Khata Certificate

Khata Certificate is also known as the Extract and many other names across the length and breadth of the nation. It is also an important document that is required for property registration. Khata Certificate is also required for ownership transfer at a later stage. It is proof that the property has been constructed as per the locally approved plans and is registered with the local municipal records. This document is also required at the time of applying for a home loan.

 4.  Encumbrance Certificate

This document is proof that the property is free from loans or other such encumbrances. You must get this document done as it is a mandatory requirement for taking a loan against property. The banks ask for its copies to be attached in your loan file as it has also had all the details about property-related transactions.

 5. Occupancy Certificate

This certificate is a documentary proof of the building construction being as per the approved local government plans. If you are buying a readymade home from some reputed builders and developers in Kochi, they already have the occupancy certificate and you just have to take a copy of the same. This is also called a completion certificate and is given by the municipal corporation and states that the property is ready to be occupied.

 6.  Non-objection Certificate

Often called the NOC, this certificate is also one of the most important documents. The developer and builder have to obtain a lot of NOCs before developing land and building any kind of property on that land. Further, before selling the property, the developer has to obtain NOCs to sell the property for a living. Some of the most common types of the NOCs are the ones from the Traffic and Coordination Department, Sewage Board, Pollution Board, and Environment Department, etc. You must take care of asking for all the NOCs at the time of purchase.

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 7. Mutation Register Extract

If you are planning to buy a property under a Gram Panchayat, then you need this certificate. The Mutation Register Extract is also called ‘Khata Palat‘ Certificate and is required to be produced at the time of sale and purchase of the land listed under a Gram Panchayat. However, you might not be asked to submit or show an original copy of this certificate.

8. Building Plan

This document is required if a buyer is seeking a documentary proof of the building being built in a pre-approved manner. The Building Plan is approved by the local statutory body. This document ensures buyers about the legal and rightful construction of the property being bought.

Some other important documents that are important for purchasing a property are:

  • Allotment Letter
  • General Power of Attorney
  • Possession Letter
  •  Land-use certificate
  • Agriculture to non-agricultural land conversion certificate


We hope that this write-up proved helpful for all the readers and they don’t miss out on any important document. For more information, we recommend seeking guidance from some reputed property dealer or local sub-registrar office in Kerala.

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