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Every single person all around the world looks forward to New Year’s Eve since the very first day of the year. It’s that day of the year when every street is lit up, every store has a sale going on, every club organizes a grand party, every restaurant is overbooked, every single person has a plan. It’s the day to eat, drink, and be jolly. It’s a day to celebrate the end of something and a brand new beginning of something else. It’s goodbye and a welcome. This day really is very special for everyone and it should be so! 


Are you spending New Year’s Eve with your friends and family this year or away from them? Either way, whether it’s a grand celebration or a small one, or whether there’s even a celebration or not, a happy new year cake on New Year’s Eve is a must. You can’t disagree, can you? Do you know which flavor of cake you want this year on New Year’s Eve to end the year with and to start the new chapter? Chocolate, oreo, vanilla, strawberry, mango, coffee, or something else? It’s okay to be a little confused, after all, dessert is the most important thing and we too take it very seriously. 

Your plan for New Year’s Eve can even be as simple as spending it all alone or just with your partner in your apartment, in your pajamas, either having a home-cooked meal or just some restaurant food that you have ordered in, watching a movie, and welcoming the new year from the comfort of your home. Or, your New Year Eve’s plan can also be putting on your best outfit, meeting your favorite people who are the closest to your heart, going to a club, and partying until you pass out.

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Your New Year’s Eve plan might be to fly down home from no matter which part of the world you are in currently so that you get to spend this day with your family. Or your New Year’s plan can also be to book a ticket and fly away from home, somewhere far far away from where no one probably even knows your name. While each of these plans are pretty much on the opposite end of the spectrum, they are all special in their own ways. There’s no right or wrong plan when it comes to New Year’s Eve, each plan is a good one. Don’t you agree? What’s your plan for New Year Eve by the way? 

No matter what your plan is, don’t forget to order a delicious cake for yourself and for your loved ones, even if you are not spending the day with them and while you place your cake order, you can also add a beautiful fresh flower bouquet for them to make it even more special. Online Flower Delivery in Bangalore and each and every other Indian city is now simple like never before- it’s all just a click away! Fresh flowers and freshly baked cakes will be delivered at your given location always exactly on time ( eyes,even on the busiest day of the year), no matter where you or your loved one might be residing in India.

You also don’t need to empty your pockets to make your loved ones smile, cheap flower delivery in Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, and the other Indian cities is now an option that you can safely choose. But do you know what the best part is? You can actually send these even at midnight. Imagine opening the door and receiving a mouth-watering cake and some gorgeous fresh flowers from a loved one at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Heart-touching, isn’t it? 

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Spend New Year’s Eve with the person or people you love the most- even if that person is just you yourself! Spend it in a way that’s special for you and that’s going to be memorable for you. Eat your favorite food, have your favorite drink, do what you love doing the most, and welcome the New Year with a smile on your face (and some cake in your mouth maybe).

Shabbir Ahmad

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