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The smartphone has emerged as the most essential productivity and utility tool of this century. Where previously all tasks relating to computing or using the internet were restricted to bulky laptops or personal computers, smartphones have erased the need for all such restrictions.

Regardless of where you are, today you can easily complete multiple tasks on-the-go, and ensure that you are up-to-date with all the news, and even social happenings — all from the comfort of your smartphone. Seeing the massive shift in consumer preference from computers to smartphones, manufacturers have also pivoted towards innovating with smartphone models that offer increased power and functionality. 

India is a huge market for almost every commodity in the world, and the Indian market is especially sought after by manufacturers of electronic products such as smartphones. Indian consumers are young and keen to jump on the digital bandwagon, which makes them the ideal customer base for smartphone brands.

However, the Indian market is also price conscious, with most people carefully assessing the amount they pay for the product they buy. In order to cater to this group of consumers, smartphone manufacturers are moving towards manufacturing more Android mobiles under 10,000 INR than ever before. 

Some of the best phone under 10000 currently available in the market are some of the best products released by those manufacturers. Companies are looking to capitalize on the price-conscious Indian consumers, by launching Android mobiles under 12,000 INR or slightly more, and gain a loyal following. 

Read on to learn about why Indian consumers continue to opt for budget smartphones, even amidst the plethora of options available to them. 

  • Low Cost of Purchase
    The most appealing aspect of budget smartphones is, of course, its low cost.  A budget smartphone is affordable for everybody, and ensures that the customer is not short of funds to fulfil more urgent requirements. The low cost of budget smartphones enables the Indian consumer to buy more things, and try the latest smartphone without splurging too much.
  • Lower Cost of Maintenance
    Every electronic device requires frequent servicing and maintenance. While most companies offer maintenance and warranty for a period of at least one year, customers often end up having to spend out of their own pocket to fix their smartphones. With a budget smartphone, the cost associated with regular maintenance and servicing of the phone is also significantly lesser. Since the customer has to spend less on servicing a budget smartphone, they prefer a budget smartphone over its more expensive alternatives.
  • Latest features
    Features available in smartphones are upgrading at a very high frequency, with most smartphone manufacturers releasing smartphones with upgraded functionality on an annual basis. With a budget smartphone, consumers can experience the latest features without having to shell out a ton of money. It allows them to experience the newest features and functions before they take a decision to buy the more expensive model.
  • Longer Battery Life
    A budget smartphone is able to support fewer apps and lesser services as compared to the more premium smartphones offered by the same manufacturer. As a result, there is a significantly lesser drain on the phone’s battery, allowing the battery to continue functioning for a longer period of time. With the amount of commute time and distance that living in Indian cities entail, the Indian customer is likely to prefer the best mobile under 12,000 INR, which offers a longer battery life.
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There are several reasons why Indian consumers continue to buy budget smartphones more often than premium models. Manufacturers continue to release budget smartphones more frequently to ensure that these users are being catered to, while budget smartphones also come packed with impressive features and specs. Some of the best mobile under 12000, for instance, include Xiaomi Redmi 9 Prime, Samsung Galaxy M11 and Realme 5i, which come with quad-camera setup and impressive battery life.

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