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Organically Reared Chickens and Free Range Chickens are both defined by the methods they are raised. There are few differences between them and its difficult to decide which one to buy. In this article, you will get to know about what these types of chickens are and which factors differentiate between them.

Organically Reared Chicken:

Organic Chickens are the ones kept in completely natural and organic environment. They are provided time in fresh air to roam around in pastures. They are given organic feed. Their feed is free from chemicals and full of essential nutrients for their better growth.

Free-Range Chicken:

Free Range Chickens spend almost their whole life in indoors while they get very less time in open air. They spend very small amount of time under sun light.

Organic vs. free-range chicken:

All Organically Reared Chickens are Free Range because they both spend time in outdoor environment which makes them healthy. However, following are some factors which differentiate between them:

Open World Access:

Both of these chickens have access to outdoor environments, but Organic Chickens have a proper visit to outdoor grassy land which makes their health better.

Shed Capacity:

Large number of Free Range Chickens are kept in a single indoor shed. While organic chickens are kept in greater free space in healthier environment. Less number of organic chickens are kept in indoor shed. It has a positive impact on their health and it also reduces risk of transferring diseases in chickens.


Poultry can be affected by different diseases because some of the chickens are killed and it reduces the overall production. To prevent the diseases in Free Range Chickens and to increase their size, they are given different regular doses of antibiotics and synthetic medicines. Organically reared chickens are kept in natural outdoor environments hence they are healthier, and they are never given any synthetic medicines.

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Organically Reared Chickens are given organic feed which is free from any GMOs, or pesticides. Their feed don’t have chemicals sprayed on them. Consumers get healthy meat without any danger of getting traces of pesticides or chemicals. On other hand, Free Range Chickens are not given organic feed and they may have chemicals sprayed on them and hence consumers are at danger of getting the traces of chemicals.

These are the major differences between free-range and organic chickens. Cost of organic chickens is higher, but they grow healthier and in a much more natural way than free-range chickens. Organic chickens are more expensive as compared to free-range chickens.

In Europe, you can get a good quality of both (Halal) organic chicken and (Halal) free-range chicken through Halal & Tayyib Foods.

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