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Many foods are being prepared organically now-a-days. Like other foods chickens are also being grown by organic methods to increase nutrients in them. Term ‘Halal Organically Reared Chickens’ is made up of two terms ‘Organically Reared Chicken’ and ‘Halal Chicken’. In this article, I will explain both of these terms.

Organically Reared Chicken:

Organically Reared Chickens are grown up organically and kept away from any inorganic or synthetic substances like medicines, steroids, antibiotics,etc. They are given totally organic food and kept in organic environment. Following are the different factors that are taken care of while nourishing chickens to be organic:


Organically Reared Chickens are given organic feed. Their feed is free from chemicals or pesticides to avoid any side effects of chemicals on them and keep them healthy. Moreover, it is ensured that they don’t carry any disease to their consumers.


Organically Reared Chickens are kept in healthy environments with plenty of time in an open area. They are given the right amount of sunshine and fresh air to keep them healthy. When indoor, They are not crammed upon each other like done in non-organic rearing of chickens rather they are given comfortable space which affects their health and prevents the spread of diseases.


Different additives are given to non-organically reared chickens for improvement in their health. They are given antibiotics which prevent diseases. They are also given different steroids to enhance their size while organically reared chickens are kept away from all these things. They are grown up in organic and natural ways. They are much healthier than non-organically reared chickens. Their immune system fights naturally against different pathogens. Chickens with high immunity are chickens without disease, which ultimately leads to healthier consumer.

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Organically Reared Chickens are grown up with extreme care and they are much more healthier than non-organically reared chickens. They are not given any antibiotics or steroids to prevent any side effect on their health which ultimately affects its consumer. These chickens are expensive than non-organically reared chickens but they are much better for consumer’s health.

Halal Chicken:

A chicken is considered Halal and is allowed for Muslims to consume it only if it is slaughtered in a particular method told by Islam. According to this method, the chicken’s throat is cut down in a single swing of the knife in which the windpipe, carotid artery, and jugular vein are slit.

If a chicken is grown up organically and then slaughtered in Halal way then it is called ‘Halal Organically Reared Chicken’. If you are looking for good quality Halal organically reared chickens in Europe, get them at ‘Halal & Tayyib Foods.’

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