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OSP registration applies to the right to provide IT-based services to telecommunications companies that use telecommunications resources. For example – telephone exchange, BPO, remote management, remote hospital, distance education, e-commerce, telemedicine, network operations center and many other IT services using telecommunication devices.

Do you need an OSP license to start a call center?

IT-enabled or OSP providers, such as KPOs, BPOs, call centers, or any other provider, cannot work without telecommunications resources. If these resources fall into the wrong hands, it can be very dangerous for the country. The reason is; The Indian Ministry of Telecommunications has made it mandatory for call centers to apply for an OSP license. What do you think people? Here, in this post, we will examine, we will find the reason for the need for an OSP license in India and delve deeper.

Reason – Why do call centers need OSP?

Any type of business requires the approval of public authorities. As such, call centers are no exception and the use of large quantities of telecommunication equipment requires the approval of the telecom departments of India. Why is OSP registration important? This approval is based on the fact that companies can operate call centers in the country. To approve the call center to run, follow these steps:

1) Managing Telecommunications Resources – As mentioned earlier at the beginning of the page – Telecommunications resources can be powerful and catastrophic if they fall into the wrong hands. By concluding government agencies and call centers under an OPS License Registration Online India Start Call Center Business, the government uses it as a legal agreement to ensure that no telecommunications resources are used.

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2) Procedural Compliance – OSP registration is valid for 20 years. Each year, an OSP annual report is submitted to the Department of Telecommunications describing the activities undertaken and the current status of the OSP license. Thereafter, an annual declaration on the renewal of the Apply DOT OSP license must be submitted within 6 months of the end of the financial year.

After applying for an OSP license, you agree to be bound by an organized agreement. You must complete and submit this form on a regular basis. This includes changing your annual return, income tax return, and information to help government officials find out about your call center, which will benefit your business in the long run.

3) Obtaining an OSP license provides legal status – Thousands of call centers are currently operating illegally in India. If we look at November and December 2018, there were many telephone exchanges that cyber security agencies caught right-handed for conducting fraudulent activities. , If you had customer service that provided real services and had OSP registration, chances are your workplace would not be rushed because the OSP license gives you legal status.

4) Becomes Accountable – Makes you accountable for what is admirable in business. An OSP license allows your call center to be accountable to the government and the people around you – thus forcing you to do business legally.

5) The life cycle of a call center is increasing – a call center with ethical work and an OSP license can operate for about 20 years. An unlicensed call center (even if you call it a call center) can be permanently removed by the government in a matter of days. So getting an OSP license for your business is like giving your call center the age of 20 so that your business can run for a full 20 years while making a profit.

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)) The OSP-registered company is more focused and allows you to be aware of the operations – you need to consider a number of procedures that you need to follow when submitting your OSP registration for call center business. Understanding the business plan, network diagram, working for an OSP license in India allows you to consider these – these are all important elements of a successful business.

Documents required to complete the OSP license:

Starting Call centers (BPOs) Business India are a lucrative business that accounts for a significant portion of India’s GDP. Starting a call center has never been so easy in India. Some documents are required for OSP registration:

1)  LLP agreement or certificate of incorporation – In order to apply for call center license India registration an , you need to be a registered business entity. There are 2 business types that are considered qualified for the license – The private limited company and an LLP. You need a copy of the LLP Registration Agreement or a COI signed by a CA or a company secretary.

2) MOA (Memorandum of association) – it is to specify that your company is providing IT enabled services to customers.

3) AOA (an article of association) – It describes the limitations and interests of the company.

4) List of company directors and list of shareholders of the company.

5) Company’s shareholding patter – A shareholding pattern is also required to ascertain how much capital is invested in the company.

6) Network diagram – It specifies how your company is using the telecom assets and it needs to present in the diagram form.

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7)You also need to write a note on specifying the type of OSP DOT License you need.

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