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4 reasons why round glasses are a must-have essential

Looking for your chic pair of glasses this winter? Looking for a perfect pair of the frame is quite tricky. The multiple choices in colours, style, design and material make you have them all. But, as sad as it sounds, you’ve got to find the one, or maybe two. 

Why not round glasses?

Rather than taking a trip down the millions of different ranges of glasses, round glasses are the most versatile ones.  From the ’90s to the current style, round frame style remains a classic till now. Developing with time and adapting to modern style, round glasses are a must-have style staple for everyone. 

Here are 4 biggest reasons why you must go for round glasses

1. Legend made it a Classic

If you need style inspiration for round glasses then get ready to find numerous matches. These kinds of glasses are all over the internet, from supermodels Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner to fashion weeks. You’ve definitely got to check these glasses out, no matter what face shape you’ve got as these glasses suit all equally.

Round glasses were also popularised by legends like John Lennon, Elton John and Ozzy Osbourne and fiction characters like Harry potter. These styles of glasses have got a massive following as it’s heavy star-inspired and looks stunning. And don’t worry about round glasses in a monotonous design as the frame comes with different elements, colour and material. You get quite a lot of options to choose from in round frames. 

2. Suit most face shape 

Choosing glasses based on your face shape is quite common for everyone. It helps to decide which frames enhance and accentuate your face shape and highlight the features. Fortunately for round glasses, all face shapes are suitable. 

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Men and women’s glasses in round frames are perfectly effortless to style and work with many kinds of face shape. If you really want to narrow your options then round glasses are especially suitable for a square, heart and oval-shaped face. The best way to look for glasses that will fit your face shape is to find it in contrasting style. For instance, round glasses work well with square, oval and heart-shaped frames as these shape different the glasses. 

Angular faces are softened down by round glasses. It helps to make your face less fierce and more symmetrical. 

3. Round glasses flatter all looks

Round glasses trend forces to match these frames with your wardrobe style. You can style these glasses to complement your formal or casual look in the most fun way. Blend in these glasses by coordinating the colour of these glasses or choose to stand out by going opposite.

The best part of round glasses is that it helps to distinguish your look and still manage to add an element of elegance. You can accessorise these glasses with a diverse range of outfit choices, from tailor-fit suit to a pretty little dress. 

All you’ve got to do is to experiment and explore new styles while working with these glasses. Make sure the glasses and the effort stand out. Round glasses are the best type to add a bit of funkiness, youthful and fun attribute to your style. 

4. Add a touch of Nostalgia

We all adore the 90’s or vintage fashion. Why not bring back the golden age through dressing the past. For this to be possible, round glasses are the perfect choice for it. Popular since the fashion era of the ‘60s, round glasses have always remained a glamorous staple. Each decade seeing the resurgence of these timeless glasses. 

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That’s what makes round glasses such a fine choice. While you can pair them effortlessly with sweatshirts, cardigans and hoodies, you can also add them with your 90’s inspired wardrobe mommy jeans and oversized denim shirts. Seasons change, some style remains the same. If you scroll through your Instagram feed, you’ll come across thousands of charming vintage-inspired and modern lookbooks incorporating round frames.

Still not sure?

For some, styling vintage chunky round glasses from the 90s era can be a pretty bold move to make. While the young fashion-influencers would love to experiment and accessories, a few of them can find styling round oversized glasses a challenge.

To that we say, get rid of that limitation and feel confident in your style, no matter what frame you choose to wear. Let go of what others might think if you like them then go ahead and try it. To sum up, eyeglasses frames are going full circle these days. Add more and more style in your collection, round glasses being the starter pack. 


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