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Nestled in the hub of Harford County, the beautiful Bel Air is a secure home to an abundance of sights, amenities, friendly faces, and activities, making it a desirable place for retirees looking to nurture their golden years on a comfortable, suburban American stage.

If the prospect of relishing in the benefits of a big city without the corresponding bustle has you hooked, it could be the place for you.

Here are 3 top considerations to ponder over before you make the leap and settle down to enjoy your retirement.

1. Living Arrangements

Some of the best Bel Air assisted living communities are a sight to behold. Attentive staff with a wealth of professional experience in offering high-quality living solutions for seniors make assisted living options well-worth considering for anyone wishing to secure a happy, healthy future in their later years.

It is a great location for access to larger cities, since Bel Air is around 42 minutes away from Baltimore.

However, there is plenty to see and do around Bel Air itself, such as the weekend farmers’ market, the armory, and the stunning Ladew Topiary Gardens.

The family-friendly nature of the area may be ideal for anyone who wishes to move to an area that the grandkids can enjoy when they come to visit, or for those of you who wish to hangout among a great community that supports each other.

2. The Food

If you have not already had a chance to try them out, the Bel Air crab cakes are astonishingly delicious, and there is no shortage of spots to try them out.

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Aside from crab cakes, there are plenty of restaurants, bars, diners, vineyards, and breweries waiting to serve you up some outstanding dishes and drinks of all different shapes and sizes.

From burgers and sushi to bagels and tacos, Bel Air and the surrounding areas happen to be full of options for the foodies among you.

It may not seem like a huge deal at first, but moving to a new area, especially to retire, means taking on a new set of restaurants and local grocery stores, so doing your research beforehand can ensure you do not accidentally find yourself without your favorite dish.

Getting the basics right is often the first step towards a fantastic new journey, and what better place to start than with tasty food and drink?

3. The Scenery

Spending your days gazing out at the right view can make all the difference when it comes to flourishing in your golden years.

Thankfully, Bel Air and the nearby areas are home to some breathtaking sights, and the warm summers and mild, beautiful autumnal months can make for a stunning sunrise, particularly over the Chesapeake Bay.

If you felt like taking some time to indulge in the vast wonders of the natural world, Maryland has no shortage of them, so if chasing a spellbinding vista has your interest piqued, you might be in luck.