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Can you imagine that the emergence of the audio-based social media app has been more beneficial for users? In this audio-based app, the users can interact with people from all parts of the world. The main specialty of this Clubhouse clone app is that anyone can join a chatroom and listen to the topics or debate on controversial topics. You can step into the social media market  with the Clubhouse clone app. In this blog, you will explore the vital key features and ways to generate revenue with an app like Clubhouse.

Quick Gist About  The Clubhouse Clone App 

The Clubhouse clone app is an alternative solution offered by the app development firm to emerge into the social media market instantly. In an app like Clubhouse, the users can join or create a chatroom in order to have conversations or debates on any category of topic. Unlike other social media apps , in an audio-based social media app like Clubhouse, the users can interact through the audio mode. Thereby, users can tap on the mic whenever they wish to speak and keep it off to listen to others speaking.

In general, this Clubhouse was aimed to be an invite-only audio-based app, but then later, it was officially available for any users to join the chat rooms they wish. Although many social media apps are flourishing online, the Clubhouse clone has gained massive user attention worldwide. This Clubhouse is the main platform where the users can connect only via voice chats, but in other social media platforms, it allows them to share pictures, videos, blog sharing, and whatnot?

Statistics Of Clubhouse 

If you take a look into the statistics of the Clubhouse app, you will get to have an idea of its impact in recent times. Did you know that Clubhouse has more than 10million users?

  • Clubhouse was launched in April 2020. Surprisingly, it holds around 10 million registered users within less than a year.
  • There were 2.3million downloads in January 2021.
  • Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg is also a user of Clubhouse? Apart from Mark, other popular celebrities utilize this app in order to connect with their followers.
  • The Clubhouse app has average use from 11 hours to 22 hours in a week.
  • The Clubhouse has ranked first place as the most downloaded app in countries like Germany, Slovakia, Japan, and Turkey.
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Therefore, these things provoked the entrepreneurs to develop a voice chat app for their business. Let us have a look at the vivid work process of the Clubhouse clone app development.

Complete Working Model Of An App Like Clubhouse

As mentioned above, the Clubhouse clone app is completely a voice-based app that helps the users connect with the other end-users to interact or discuss a topic.

Step 1: The users can download your app like Clubhouse from the store and register into the app using their details.

Step 2: While registering into the app, they can choose the interesting topics, and they will be navigated to related chat rooms.

Step 3: Once they have joined the chat room, they can view the profile of other listeners and their bio. If they are interested they can also follow users to stay updated with any upcoming meeting or discussion.

Step 4: There will be many chat rooms displayed in their app’s hallway so that they can join any rooms if they are not interested in the previous chat rooms.

Step 5: The user can also create a new chat room and invite their colleagues, friends, and families for a discussion on their related topics.

Providing your users with a seamless flow of the app will increase your app’s activity like Clubhouse in the near future. Check out the other features that will enrich the visibility of your app in all parts of the world.

Key Features Of Clubhouse Clone App Development

Clubhouse Clone App Development

It is mandatory to have numerous features in Clubhouse clone app development because it is the core reason to enrich the app’s growth profitably.

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Easy Onboarding 

Installing and registering into a Clubhouse like app is simple, which can be done with a few taps on the app. After the successful registration, the users have access to view into the numerous chat rooms displayed on the app. They can pick any chat room based on their interests.

Clubhouse Feed

As soon as a user enters into your app, they can view the audio rooms that are listed in the hallway. Through this, the users can view the active chat rooms and join based on the interest of the topics they like to discuss.

Clubhouse Rooms

As mentioned earlier, anyone can create a chat room and share the link with their friends and family members. The host of an audio room can make the conversations either private or public. In this way, they can listen to the speakers or start interacting with the live audience.

Clubhouse Clubs

The user can also create Clubhouse clubs just the way a Facebook group works. In this case, the users can interact and discuss a particular topic. Therefore, a user can be a part of the club as an admin, member, or follower.

Advanced Search Bar 

With this search filter feature, the users can search the profiles, rooms, clubs, and conversations efficiently. Like the other social media apps, it is a must to integrate the advanced search filter option into your Clubhouse clone app development.

These are the essential features that make your app like Clubhouse, run seamlessly for your users. You can also come up with interesting ideas to integrate your app with enticing features. By now, you must have understood the seamless workflow of the app and also the mandatory features that ought to be integrated into your Clubhouse like app development. Now let us explore the multiple ways to generate revenues.

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What Are The Top 5 Ways To Generate Revenue With Clubhouse Clone App? 

There are many ways to generate revenue with your Clubhouse clone app, and a few are listed below.

  • Advertisements
  • Premium Membership
  • Sponsorships
  • Live sessions
  • Direct Selling

Winding Up 

In conclusion, if you are excited about the new audio-based social media apps, then the Clubhouse clone app is the perfect choice for you to venture into the audio-based social media market right away.

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