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Technology has changed the face of every field and the financial sector is also not untouched by the same. The pen and paper dominated days have been now replaced with the tech-driven. It also incorporates a secured and fast transaction. This all accelerates Fintech Startup app development and compels developers to add new ideas in the development.

COVID 19 crises have also accelerated the growth of the fintech market with the integration of technology. The digital ewallet platform is now the first choice for financial institutes and organizations to keep the operation alive.

Here we will cover and discuss the top ideas to make the financial applications. So if you are one of the reputed fintech solution providers and planning to grab the app ideas then keep continuing with your reading here.

Ten Finance App Ideas to Kickstart Your Fintech Startup:

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1. Loan and credit app:

The loan and credit application allow the organisation to approve the loan with some simple clicks. This app will enable the user to get a loan. Additionally, between the lender and borrower, it works as a medium for P2P lending apps. Without a need for third-party interaction, the lender and borrower can connect.

2. P2P Payment applications:

In a recent couple of years, there has been a huge growth of peer to peer money transfer. This all pushes financial institutes to look forward to P2P payment apps that could make the money transfer simple.

Some of the well-known applications of this category are Zelle, Venmo, Google Pay and PayPal. There are regional restrictions on money transfer.

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Features like voice-enabled transfer and biometric technology could make the process more advanced.

3. Trading and investment app:

At present time, users are looking for an app that provides a good insight into funds, shares, stocks and Forex. The demand for such apps is high and could be used for investment and trading.

Additionally, the user expects to provide the correct calculation to justify the right investment decision.

4. RegTech App:

RegTech is another application that is gaining popularity in the financial world. It automates most of the operations like transaction monitoring, identity verification, submission etc. Using this app, a financial institute could easily comply with local and global standards.

The main purpose of this application is to make strong customer retention and satisfaction as well. This allows you to lead a new foundation of a fintech startup.

5. Financial advising app

Professionals who are from non-financial background always need help and here come financial advising apps. It helps in gaining the right information on stock, trading and finance. It mainly attracts millennials and gen-z. One could easily gain the attention of the users by providing advisory applications in the market.

6. PFM apps:

PFM stands for Personal Finance Management. People commonly struggle to keep track of every investment they make.

However, the PFM app helps people to keep tracking expenditure, earnings, investment and savings. Thus the developer would not regret developing the PFM app and could get the attention of the mass audience in the market.

7. Banking apps for Fintech Startup:

The most primitive invested fintech app idea is digital banking. Most financial institutes are looking for mobile banking apps to serve customers better.

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People are now interacting with banks via mobile phones. Now, most of the account holders like to monitor and avail. The banking service via their mobile phone rather than visiting the bank.

With some simple clicks, people easily enjoy sending money, deposit and other digital banking activities. In taking into consideration all this, the developers can easily build banking apps.

8. Digital wallet for Fintech Startup:

A digital mobile wallet solution enables the user to make the payment even after not carrying the physical wallet. It is like a good replacement for credit cards and debit cards. As per the estimate, the digital wallet will reach $7581.91 billion by 2024.

Digital wallet app development is in demand and most organizations are looking for this kind of application.

9. Crypto Exchange Platform:

The interest of the audience in the market is the crypto exchange application. The main trade is cryptocurrency in this kind of application. The best features of the crypto exchange platform are fast processing, low fees and transparency etc.

The start-up should research many important factors like fundraising, compliance requirements and identification of niche markets. After doing this, any Fintech Startup should consult the mobile app development company to hire dedicated virtual employees.

10. Blockchain:

Due to anonymity in transaction and security, blockchain is considered a million-dollar technology. Due to this reason, it is one of the most admired finance app ideas.
With the use of blockchain based applications, a user can transfer the crypto-currency. A user could avail the transparency with a decentralized autonomous system.

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Moreover, there will be no third party involvement because a blockchain-based app will add independence to the transaction.


Currently, the fintech market is opening and reaching its success point. For the entrepreneurs, these app ideas are important and will be the point of accomplishment.

Due to several advantages like satisfaction, customer care and trust retention, these applications are a necessary part of the organization. Moreover, we can hope for a better future for now.

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