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Adhering to the years of lockdowns there’s a gradual shift in the consumer dynamics. Emphasizing on a report published by eMarketer, by 2020 search ad spending grew by 5.9 percent when it was expected to decline. An effective PPC strategy can leverage your business growth as:

  1. It is reliable and provides a consistent result
  2. It allows much control over the Market by powerful targeting strategies
  3. It is optimizable and measurable and can work with distinctive methods of digital marketing 

General PPC Statistics 2021

With the help of the following, it will be possible to gain insights into PPC marketing and management.

  1. In 2020 Industries spent $110 billion on search advertising.
  2. Considering high volume lead PPC fell under the top 3 best channels.
  3. Paid search ads are recognizable by 50 percent of the users.
  4. 11.38 percent click-through rate of PPC ads on average.
  5. 30 percent of users mention that they click on PPC ads as they quickly respond to their searched queries.

In a survey of 506 respondents 75 percent mention that advertisements help them to find fruitful information. This highlights the importance of developing ads that coherently address the queries, attract the users and contribute to earning through a click.

Search advertisement statistics

A powerful tool that relies on the search intent of a user that helps in determining the relevance of your ads. The following advertising statistics might help you improve your business score

  1. 49 percent of users prefer text ads (31 percent) clicks it on shopping ads and (16 percent) for video ads.
  2. An ad blocker is utilized by 27 percent of the users
  3. Ad blockers are used by users because of showing too many ads (49 percent), reflecting irrelevant ads (47 percent), and intrusive ads (44 percent).  
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Google ads statistics

Leading the way Google controls 90% of the search tariff. The following strategies are utilized by Google ads for leveraging their business:

  1. Pay-per-click statistics clearly show that 65.7 percent of people rely on Google rather than Facebook and Tiktok.
  2. 1.91 percent is the average CTR for Google ads.
  3. 3.75 percent is the average rate for the conversion of Google ads.  

E-Commerce PPC Statistics

PPC statistics on the other hand clearly show that paid traffic for eCommerce PPC is nothing but the cheapest in the industry.

  1. Search phrases that contain 4 to 6 words drive 70 percent of the traffic.
  2. 60% of the queries in e-commerce comes from the users belonging to the upper funnel seeking information contribute to narrowing down the broad category for a specific search.  

Amazon PPC Statistics

For the announcement of your product visibility along with the increment of revenue, you can easily follow the statistics that has been propagated by Amazon, one of the biggest platform of eCommerce on the internet.

  1. Comparing to other Amazon generate most sales per click for their sponsored products.
  2. 66 percent of the users look for products on Amazon and the count goes higher (76 percent) when the shoppers have already a product in their mind.
  3. 0.41 percent is the average CTR on Amazon ads.
  4. 9.55 percent is the average rate for the conversion of Amazon PPC.  

Social PPC Statistics

With the gradual increment in the number of social media users, your business can achieve maximum visibility and revenue by advertising on social media platforms with the help of a reliable PPC industry. Following strategies might help you in creating better ads that help in drawing the attention of your target customers.

  1. In 2019 the average CTR for social media ads was 1.2 percent which witness an upsurge to 1.3 Percent in 2020.
  2. When it comes to driving leads, in the case of business-to-business ( B2B) marketing social media was ranked second by 83 percent of the marketers should arise the rest 29 percent aligned to search engine marketing.
  3. While shopping or searching for products, 33 percent of users depend on social media and considers it to be a reliable source
  4. When it comes to better strategies for PPC in advertising on social media platforms, 32 percent of the market is found video ads to be the most effective one followed by image ads (26 percent) and carousel ads (19 percent).  
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PPC Payoffs

One of the foremost and effective ways to generate revenue is PPC. It can help in attracting the majority of the audiences while sticking thick and thin to the budget. Emphasizing the PPC strategies relying on PPC statistics that have been provided in the above portion, you can also inform your ad strategy.

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