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Each person has a set of talents unique to them. They also have skills and natural inclinations.

There are two major and prominent schools of thought on how people become entrepreneurs. Some say that life experiences make a person. Other people say that some people are just born with skills and attributes that set them up for success.

While there is no set path or a must-have set of personality traits needed to become a successful entrepreneur, you can undoubtedly benefit from learning about signs that indicate your natural affinity towards entrepreneurship.

Here are some prominent signs that you are born to be an entrepreneur:

You have something that you’re passionate about.

Think of any successful entrepreneur and try to remember the way they talk about their business or startup.

You can actually tell from the way they talk and the glow in their eyes that they are incredibly passionate, devoted about the work they do.

Passion is something that has no alternative.

Entrepreneurs are incredibly motivated about their work. This is something that goes for entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey and financial situations. You can’t be motivated by monetary gain alone (although there are exceptions).

You need to understand and accept that one person can be deeply passionate about several things, or maybe they only have one thing that they care about.

The whole crux of the matter is that entrepreneurs desire to do something they sincerely care about. If you have ideas and interests you are passionate about, you may be an entrepreneur in the making.

You aren’t afraid of risks.

Risks are a part of life and business.

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You can’t wholly expect to separate yourself from the possibility of any risk or potential harm.
A large majority of people prefer to live a relatively stable life. Going through extreme ups and downs is stressful, but it is also something that not many people are fond of going through.

Taking risks and hoping that they pay off is a trait that only a small number of people have.

When you find something you’re passionate about and aren’t afraid to take calculated risks, then you might be well on your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

You should know and understand about risks because there are reasonable risks and bad risks. Acceptable risks tend to produce returns, whereas bad risks only bring you harm, financial or otherwise.

Entrepreneurs need to navigate all kinds of opportunities and risks in business if they want to be successful.
If you think that you are not afraid of taking risks and somehow manage to come out on top most of the time, then your chances of being a born entrepreneur certainly increase by a great deal.

You have a vision of how to do things.

Whenever someone says visionary and entrepreneur in a sentence together, the first person that comes to mind is Steve Jobs.

People who are not afraid of changing the way things happen have a high likelihood of becoming entrepreneurs.
The majority of entrepreneurs have disruptive tendencies, meaning that they believe that changing the commonsense process is the only way to obtain true improvement and achievement.

A large number of entrepreneurs have previous work experience working for other people. Whether it’s working in a corporate organization, a non-profit, or a local business, people with an entrepreneurial spirit tend to think of ways that will make things better.

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Entrepreneurs think differently. They can see how things are done usually and how they can bring a complete change to doing things. Taking things into their own hands and providing a better user experience is something that a lot of entrepreneurs look into. Making use of tools and technology like a live chat app is also something they consider.

If you have ever thought about how much better things would be if you were in charge, you might have strong entrepreneurial tendencies.

You find solutions that other people can’t see.

Entrepreneurs are problem solvers.

People with regular jobs are trapped in a bubble of doing the same thing repeatedly and not think about something different or how they can improve already existing products and services.

If ordinary people are going one way, entrepreneurs try to go the opposite route and see if they can get to the same place in a better way. Going against conventional wisdom and taking risks, finding ways to innovate is what entrepreneurs do best.

A big reason why entrepreneurs choose to launch their startups is that implementing the solutions they propose in a traditional organization would take too long (best case scenario), or it won’t happen at all.

The fast-paced, innovative nature of entrepreneurship is driven by the fact that entrepreneurs want to showcase their solutions as soon as possible.

You are a hard worker.

If you’re afraid of hard work and can’t stand long hours of grueling labor and effort, then maybe entrepreneurship isn’t the field for you.

You will notice that a significant population of entrepreneurs love work and are complete workaholics. Who better to remember than Gary Vaynerchuck. The man has a work schedule that can put even the busiest of people to shame.
Generally, most entrepreneurs work long hours, at least at the start or even middle of their journey. Over time, the nature of work changes for entrepreneurs, but even then, work remains constant.

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Most people think of entrepreneurs as people with insane amounts of wealth. People who drive luxury cars, live in huge mansions, work only when they want to, etc.

The true, honest reality is that not everyone is going to be that successful. And even if they are, at that point, they have earned to relax a little.

If you ever talk to these successful people when they were starting, you will get an idea of just how many struggles and hardships they had to endure to get to this level of success.


It is indeed a fact that some people are naturally good at specific tasks, while others are better at something completely different.

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. So if you don’t think of yourself after going through these points, you don’t need to worry. Make your own path and become a success story.

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