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Are you interested in a career that involves helping the elderly?

You might want to consider a career as a home healthcare aide.

As a caregiver, your role is to help seniors who are unable to care for themselves on a daily basis.

You can help the elderly with their personal activities, such as shopping, bathing, cooking, and transportation.

You must first answer the question “Should you become a home health aide?”

You should be aware of the pros and cons that come with this profession.

We will explore the pros and cons of a career as a home health aide.

What are the pros of being a home health aide?

Working as a home healthcare aide allows you to help others, and change their lives.

You’ll find seven benefits of working as a home healthcare aide.

  1. Home Health Aide Profession Growing

You’ll never go out of work if you choose to be a home healthcare aide.

Bureau of Labor Statistics statistics show that home health nursing is growing at 15%.

The demand for home health aids will continue growing as America prepares for an aging population.

You will find work very quickly.

  1. Flexible Career Options

One of the most important benefits to parents with small children is a career that allows them flexibility.

You and your patients can work together to create a schedule when you have many cases.

You can then choose when to work and when to take time off.

  1. The profession pushes you to grow as a clinician

Home health care is a profession in its own right.

You will have to be resourceful if you want to deal with a difficult person, since you’re alone.

You can develop important skills by practicing clinically alone. This will help you to grow in your career.

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  1. Relationships in Home Health Care

When you provide in-home care, you become an integral part of the patient’s daily life.

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When you spend so much quality time with patients, it’s hard to avoid developing a relationship.

You feel almost like a member of the family when you are around them.

Who wouldn’t like a job which can help you develop good relationships in your personal life?

  1. Ability to Work In A Field Full Of Compassion

Home health aides can help their clients in the comfort of their homes.

You ensure comfort when you care for the elderly, help people recover from an injury or manage chronic illnesses.

When someone is ill or injured, it’s common for them to want to recover at home.

You will be able to feel the gratitude and satisfaction of those who you helped.

  1. In the future, we will have better pay and benefits

You can expect to see a rise in the number of home health care providers and a rise in their pay.

Some of these could include a better rate for driving and a salary guaranteed based on units rather than hours.

It is important to find a package which meets your income and benefit needs.

  1. The ability to specialize in your field of expertise

You can specialize in the health care industry.

You can choose a field that you are passionate about, like pediatrics or adult health care.

If you want to help parents with special needs bring their newborn home from the hospital, or if you want to reduce the number of hospital visits by adults who have special needs, then you should consider working in the field of home care.

What are the cons of being a home health aide?

There are always negatives associated with any profession, including the one of a home health aide.

You’ll find seven cons to becoming a home healthcare aide.

  1. Stress is a part of the job of a home health aide

It is heartwarming to be able to help someone in their time of need. However, taking care of another person can be stressful.

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Care for the elderly and injured can be overwhelming if the worker does not take care.

The home should be the place where you feel most comfortable.

Some people feel uneasy and lose their independence when someone takes care of them.

This can sometimes cause the patient to act out, creating a stressful work environment for a home health aide.

  1. Work Is Often Unstructured

Working in someone’s home, unlike working at a hospital or healthcare facility can lead to unexpected changes.

If you plan to go grocery shopping every week for a patient but are unable to complete the task due to a short notice, then add other errands.

Home health care allows patients to exercise and receive care in a familiar setting.

It also hinders the ability of the therapist to use all tools available.

The structured session must be tailored to specific needs.

  1. Some patients may not be able to meet their needs at home

It is not always possible to provide care at home.

What the individual needs in order to succeed is what it has to do.

As patients have different needs, the work of one person may not be suitable for another.

You may have to drive more if you need treatment away from home.

  1. It is a Low-Paying Profession

The pay of home health workers is low despite their important role.

The entry-level salary for home health aides is usually between $20,130 and $23,560.

Starting off, your hourly wage will be between $10-11, which isn’t that much, to be honest.

The pay will improve as you gain experience in the field and continue to work there for several years.

Many earn $18.00 per hour after five years of work as a home healthcare aide.

  1. This profession is often physically demanding.

You may have to work in challenging conditions depending on your specialization and the place you work.

Many home health aides will lift heavy objects when cleaning homes.

You may need to lift your patient during grooming and bathing.

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Home health aides are often on their feet and working long hours.

If you decide to enter the field of home health, you should be able to handle the physical demands and wear comfortable shoes.

  1. Increased exposure to germs and viruses

Home health aides still run the risk of contracting a viral infection from a patient, despite taking all precautions.

Home health aides are also required to follow strict protocols in order to avoid dangers like needlestick injuries, as they are exposed daily to blood and other bodily liquids.

As a home healthcare aide, you will also be cleaning the home of a patient, which will expose you to even more germs.

You’ll need to take extra precautions to reduce your exposure to viruses and germs when you are caring for patients.

  1. Emotional Burnout is a Risk for You

The home health aides feel a sense accomplishment when they are able to save a life. However, they also suffer the loss of a patient.

Home health aides often have more deaths than they can count.

To prevent emotional burnout, home health aides must receive support and counseling.

Home health aides often encounter patients who are complex and don’t value their care. They treat them like servants, rather than as professionals.

What Should You Do If You Want to Be a Home Healthcare Aide?

As a home healthcare aide, you can become a hero for your clients and their family members!

You can offer compassionate and tender care to families who cannot take care of themselves.

You can see that being a home healthcare aide comes with both positives as well as negatives.

Many people decide to be home health aides because they find that the pros outweigh any cons. They choose to pursue this career.

When making a decision, make sure to consider all the pros and cons.

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