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You may consider filing a lawsuit if you slip and fall while visiting a store or restaurant. Slip and fall accidents are all too common and often lead to expensive injuries and damages. This guide covers a few reasons why you may consider working with a personal injury lawyer following a slip and fall accident.

Your Injury Is Painful

A slip and fall accident can be as minimal as a scraped knee or much more significant with broken bones, internal bleeding, or permanent damage. Significant injuries can lead to a good degree of pain. You may have to undergo numerous medical procedures to manage rehabilitation and pain recovery. Doctors, specialists, physical therapists, and pain management professional appointments may be a part of your recovery. You may continue with physical therapist or chiropractor visits long after your slip and fall accident. Chronic pain may impact your work in the short or long-term, which may justify filing a personal injury case.

Some injuries may even lead to life-long pain, which can impact your ability to enjoy the same activities you once did. For example, a broken leg may take many months to heal. Yet, you may find that running is never the same. Short- and long-term pain implications are important when considering a personal injury lawsuit.

Your Injury Is Expensive

A slip-and-fall accident can also be expensive. You may have to take a few days or weeks off from work to recover, leading to lost wages. If you don’t have health insurance, you may incur a lot of expensive medical bills. Even with health insurance, you could be subject to costly copays or deductibles.

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You may also incur costs not directly related to the accident, like rideshare or taxi rides if you’re unable to drive or childcare if you need to pay someone to watch your children while attending doctors’ appointments. Public businesses typically carry insurance policies that cover visitors from injuries like a slip and fall accident. It can be helpful to work with a personal injury lawyer to ensure the responsible party covers your damages.

The Store Manager Was Negligent

Some slip-and-fall accidents are truly an accident. Others, however, may be due to negligence, which is when a property owner or manager acts in a way that doesn’t protect its staff and visitors. This may include failing to mop up spills, salt walkways, or repair loose carpets or floorboards in a timely manner. If someone else’s negligence led to your pain or expensive recovery, then it’s only right that they also cover your costs.

You Were Working

If you slip and fall while working, you should be covered under a worker’s compensation policy. However, sometimes employers who are legally required to carry workers’ compensation don’t. If your employer was supposed to carry a policy but didn’t, a personal injury lawsuit may help you recover your medical bills and lost wages.

In some cases, employers may try to minimize your injury or claim that you weren’t working at the time of the accident. A slip-and-fall lawyer can help establish proof and determine liability, both important elements in a personal injury case.

You Were Visiting a Private Residence

The laws regarding injuries may be slightly different when visiting a private residence rather than a public one. State laws require property owners to maintain a residence safe for lawful visitors. However, laws and expectations are divided between invitees, licensees, and trespassers. Illegal trespassing is one of the most common legal defenses after a person is injured while visiting a private residence. The rights and laws of each vary, depending on the state in which you live. Consulting with a personal injury lawyer in your state can help you better understand how they treat slip and fall cases.

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How a Slip and Fall Lawyer Could Help Your Case

A personal injury slip and fall lawyer can help determine negligence, calculate damages, and negotiate a settlement. Your lawyer will also represent you in court, which allows you to focus on recovery rather than collecting evidence. Even better, most personal injury lawyers don’t charge unless you win your case. Also, most lawyers don’t charge for a free consultation, which is where you’ll explore the details of your case and determine your legal options. This means there’s no risk to working with a lawyer.

A slip-and-fall accident is possible in many places, including shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, vacation rentals, or even while at work. If your slip and fall injury is minimal, talking with a personal injury lawyer may not be necessary. However, a lawsuit may be worth considering if your injuries are painful or expensive.

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