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Till just a couple of years ago the VoIP market served businesses. The trend has changed, accelerated in recent months by the Covid-19 pandemic. Retail VoIP now appears more profitable. The retail end is expected to grow by 12% to garner $ 25 billion by 2025. Social distancing and remote work are now frontrunners. Who has not heard of Zoom? People use it on their desktops and mobiles for work and social interaction. Grand View research estimates that mobile VoIP market alone will touch $ 145 billion by 2024. Domestic VoIP will grow by 12% and computer to computer VoIP by 10%. All these point to a strong and rising demand in the retail VoIP segment. Take advantage of the ongoing VoIP revolution by using class 5 softswitch for retail.

Retail VoIP a revenue generation tool

Home users are discovering the joys of VoIP to call friends and relatives in foreign countries at a low cost. VoIP does more than facilitate trans-border calls. Think of video calls and conferencing. These are growing in popularity by the day and rely on VoIP. Video and audio calls and conferencing are routine for individuals and businesses. It is a profitable segment you can tap into by the use of retail class 5 softswitch software. VoIP service providers can generate more revenues by addressing the growing retail segment. All you need is a class 5 softswitch. The softswitch takes care of the retail end, providing connectivity to users of desktop VoIP software, mobile VoIP and PSTN through adapters. Unlike fixed landlines, VoIP is not region specific. You can expand your area of operations across the country or even the world.

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A host of services

Set up the class 5 softswitch. You are ready to go with voice call services. Plus, you can offer other communication facilities as a service such as IP PBX for businesses. This is just one revenue model. There are others:

  • Set up and operate SMS broadcasting and marketing services – small businesses are going to hop onto this wagon.
  • Offer WebRTC – audio and video calls and conferencing through a browser interface. Users need not buy any specialized SIP phones or hardware. Startups, for example, will welcome this facility and even call centers will take to it as will businesses that have people working from home. The numbers are on your side as there currently is a growing demand for VoIP solutions that permit remote collaboration.
  • Offer IVR, SMS and voice broadcast services – here again small businesses will flock to your doorstep for low cost VoIP based marketing campaigns as will institutions and government agencies.

The class 5 softswitch simply handles traffic but when you have it then other doors open up for revenue generation as shown above.

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No limit

There are no limits to how much you can expand and grow. For instance, you can appoint retailers and resellers below you. When you have a white label class 5 softswitch your retailers and you can establish your distinctive brands and ensure consumer loyalty. There are no limits to how many resellers and retailers you can have and the number of customers you can have in prepaid and postpaid categories. A trickle turns into a stream and then into a river of revenue. At the core of your operations you have the top class 5 softswitch with integrated billing and payment as well as ability to set rates and determine least cost routes. You can have single server or cluster deployment to handle any volume of traffic.

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Connect directly with Carriers

Yes, you can offer various VoIP services without a class 5 softswitch but you would have to go through a VoIP service provider, cutting down your margins and increasing your reliance on the intermediary. The retail class 5 softswitch software connects you directly to telcos and their class 4 softswitch as well as international setup, negotiate special rates and be assured of excellent services. Plus, you develop your presence as an independent operator in the market. Now is the time when businesses are making more use of VoIP and its features to facilitate their business communications.

Market yourself

With your infrastructure based on class 5 softswitch it becomes easier to market yourself. Get SMS or voice broadcast or a unified communication system to spread the message and attract customers, both direct and resellers. It costs next to nothing.

There may be global recession and downturn in economy but the VoIP market is hotting up with more demand from individual users, small businesses and larger enterprises. The class 5 softswitch helps you establish a strong footing and serve people. In time you could grow to handle bulk traffic when you can graduate to class 4 softswitch with even more benefits.

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