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Apple is one of the best known brands worldwide. It is easily recognizable by its logo, the bitten apple.

For what is known as the apple brand, its products are known in practically all countries.
Among the products sold by Apple, we can find:

  • MacBook laptops , all-in-one computers, also known as All in One
    IPod mp3 music players
    Tablet iPad and the best-selling and used in the world.
    The iPhone mobile phones , currently the most recent, are the iPhone 8, and the iPhone X , the brand’s flagship product.

Where to buy iPhone and Apple spare parts online
All these products can be found new in the Apple online store .

You can change your old mobile phone, for a more recent one, to improve the user experience, for a used phone with warranty.

For more information you can visit our online store and consult us through our phones, online chat, WhatsApp or email. We will be happy to help you.

Being the best-selling products worldwide, iPhone mobile parts are the most demanded.

Both mobile phone repair professionals and end customers who want to repair their terminals themselves.

Original spare parts iPhone and Apple
The most sought after parts, within the spare parts for iPhone, are iPhone 5 mobile parts , iPhone 6 original screen, iPhone 6 chassis . In general, the most sought after mobile parts are iPhone screen.

celuinfo-spare parts-iphone-lcd-screen-iphone
Full screen, LCD display and touch screen, for iPhone
You can find original iPhone screens, and compatible iPhone screens, the latter being significantly cheaper, although of less quality than the originals.

The main difference between the two is in the LCD, with a lower image quality in the compatible ones.

Original or Compatible Replacement for iPhone
Virtually negligible for most users. The difference between an Original screen and a Compatible screen is usually noticed, especially in the brightness of the screen.

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You have an iPhone 6 screen, iPhone 6s screen, iPhone 5 screen , among the most requested iPhone screens.

The sale of spare parts for iPhone has become big business, so there are many specialized companies.

We can buy spare parts for iPhone, both in physical stores and online stores.

Within the spare parts for iPhone and Apple , we will find several categories.

Here we highlight some of the main categories that you can find in the current market for mobile parts :

Parts and Spare Parts for iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c
Although it is an old model, the entire iPhone 5 series is still a highly demanded model when it comes to spare parts for iPhone.

The most requested replacement for this model is the complete screen, LCD display and touch screen, as well as the charging connector and accessories.

The category will be subdivided into:

  • Spare parts for iPhone 5 or iPhone 5G
    Spare parts for iPhone 5C
    Spare parts for iPhone 5S
    Spare Parts for iPhone SE
    In them you will find the necessary spare parts for each iPhone model.

Spare iPhone 6
The iPhone 6 mobile phone, surely the best-selling of Apple’s models, is one of the most repaired today, which is why spare parts for iPhone 6 , also called iPhone 6G, are in great demand.

The most requested parts and spare parts for iPhone 6 are the complete LCD and touch screens, prone to breakage due to drops and bumps.

And the charging connector flex for iPhone 6 and accessories, due to continued use.

As with the iPhone 5 spare parts, within the iPhone 6 spare parts we can find other related subcategories:

Spare parts for iPhone 6 Plus
Spare parts for iPhone 6S
Spare Parts for iPhone 6S Plus
Finally, iPhone 7 and 7 plus spare parts
A less sold model than its predecessor, the iPhone 6, but even so, of which many spare parts are sold, the spare parts for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus , the most sought after are Original or remanufactured screens.

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In models iPhone 7 and higher, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus. The most troublesome repair is the screen change.

Another highly requested repair, the home button change. This is to include the fingerprint sensor function, Touch ID, on the screen.

Other spare parts for iPhone mobile phones and Apple products
Apart from the iPhone screens, we have the rest of components or spare parts for all iPhone models , with which to carry out any repair.

We will find iPhone charging flex , something that is usually repaired. This is because it is one of the components that suffers the most from use.

The change of the screen, a common repair of iPhone phones, due to bumps or falls.

You also have to regularly replace the rear chassis of the iPhone. As the external parts are the most prone to breakage, bumps, etc. …

Other components in high demand for iPhone are: the vibrator , the buzzer or speaker , the earpiece , etc.

Being the best known brand, there are spare parts for all components or parts of all iPhone models.

Complete exploded example of an iPad, touch screen, battery, motherboard, flex, LCD display, buttons, antennas, housing or back cover
In addition to spare parts for iPhone mobile phones, we will also find a wide variety of spare parts for iPad , just like iPhone.

The most common are tactile or touch screen glass for iPad , screen LCD display for iPad, complete screens, composed of LCD and touch, of the color chosen, the flex of charge for iPad, etc …

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Video Tutorial iPhone and Apple repair
On our YouTube channel , you can find tutorials for some repairs, such as changing the fingerprint chip, Touch ID, of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, you can see it here .

We recommend the video tutorials, with the complete disassembly, of some Apple mobile phones, among them you can find:

  • Complete teardown of iPhone 5S
    Complete iPhone 8 teardown
    Complete disassembly of iPhone 7 Plus
    Complete teardown of iPhone X
    Second hand used phones iPhone with warranty
    Another option we have is the purchase of a used phone , second-hand iPhone with warranty, not only depends on the failure of the terminal and the spare parts we need.

It also depends on labor, labor is often the most expensive.

Sometimes a mobile phone repair is not worth it. Since the replacement can be too expensive.

When it is motherboard failure, the cost of the motherboard, and in addition to labor, is usually quite high.

What to consider when buying a used iPhone phone?
When deciding to buy a second-hand iPhone mobile phone, we will always have to try to make the purchase in a store with guarantees.

Whether it is a physical or online store, we will ask for a terminal with a guarantee.

We will always try to test the terminal.

The great test, to know if the phone is in good condition, is the daily use that we give it.

That is why we must buy used phones from a site that gives us a guarantee of use.

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