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The legendary singer Frank Zappa had quipped that a country needs to at least have its own airline and beer even if not for football teams and nuclear weapons. Such is the cultural influence of alcohol in our lifestyles. There might be mixed opinions about alcoholic drinks. One set of people argue that alcohol is injurious to health, but there are also people who look at it as an instrument of social bonding.

Anything said it could not be denied that the taboo associated with alcohol consumption is slowly dissipating, and it has led to an increase in the consumption of adult beverages.

The high numbers!

The alcohol market was worth about $640 billion in 2017, and it is expected to touch a staggering $1.3 trillion in 2022. Like any other service, even the alcohol retail industry has been a victim of the on-demand revolution. In 2018, the sales of alcoholic beverages like wine, beer, and liquor through on-demand alcohol delivery apps increased by 35%.

The need for regulation

All the alcohol is available over the counter, just like any other retail product. However, if you intend to create an Uber for alcohol, there are a lot of legal challenges that you might have to encounter.

Let us take the Australian market, for example. Alcohol delivery in Australia is highly regulated. The maximum amount of alcohol order is limited to six beers and one wine. It is mandatory that the customer should show a government-issued photo identity proof to prove that they are of legal drinking age, and in the case of Australia, above 18.

The lucrative market

It cannot be denied that the food market is wider than the alcohol market, but what alcohol lacks in terms of numbers, it makes it up in terms of business value. There are connoisseurs who do not prefer anything shot of their choice and what they deem as the best when it comes to their drinks.

The availability of the preferred choices cannot be guaranteed in a normal retail shop. Choosing it on an app makes it easier for consumers. If almost every service is made available through on-demand apps, then there’s no question that even alcohol delivery will also fall into the spectrum.

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In addition to Australia, even the United States and the United Kingdom have also regulated alcohol delivery through on-demand mobile apps. They have been so good in doing so that the UK and the US rank number one and number two in alcohol consumption, in that order.

Building a business out of on-demand alcohol delivery

The demand for an Uber for alcohol will only continue to rise, and it is just a question of the jurisdictions forming rules and regulations to ensure that there are no lapses in the process and no abuse of alcohol.

If you would like to be one of those entrepreneurs who would like to build a business out of alcohol delivery, all you need to do is invest in Uber for alcohol delivery app development

It is true that there are a lot of business and legal aspects that need to be figured out. While they might differ from country to country and by jurisdiction, the technology that lies under the hood remains the same.

The different apps

The alcohol delivery on-demand ecosystem is brought about by three different applications, one for each entity involved. There are dedicated apps for customers, alcohol retailers, and in some cases, delivery executives as well. Overseeing all these apps is performed by an administrator who can also have their own app or manage it through a web interface.

Features for the user

  • The user should be able to access the list of alcohol vendors in the vicinity, and to be precise, the vendors who can deliver to their location. The app should also include the profile of the vendor, so users can verify the profile and check the authenticity of the product.
  • The user should be able to sign up for the services by using a simple login mechanism. It can include either email address or phone number, or even facilitate logging in through existing credentials like Google and Facebook. The veracity of social profiles can also help in verifying the age of the person.
  • The profile of the user should be linked to their order history and payment instruments. The user should be able to view a complete history of all the orders ever placed.
  • The user should be able to make payments using digital methods like credit cards and debit cards for which the app should partner with a versatile payment services provider.
  • The user should be able to search their drink by category or by brand-name and be able to sort it based on the price and other factors.
  • The user should be provided with a review and rating system that keeps the entire ecosystem democratic. The user should also be able to rate the experience with the vendor along with the drink.
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Features for the alcohol vendor

  • The alcohol vendor should also be able to easily sign up for the services without any hassle. They should include documents and details that help verify the authenticity, including but not limited to the license, the retail permit, and other associated documents.
  • They should be able to manage the price and listing of their alcohol. If possible, they should also be able to upload the image of the bottle.
  • The user-reviews and ratings should be accessible to the vendor, so they can improve their quality of service. It can also have them address specific pain-points and edit their profile and information, so users do not get disappointed.
  • The vendor should be able to chat with the customer using an in-app chat window, so they can communicate regarding the unavailability of a specific brand of alcohol or any price changes.
  • If the payments are made online, the vendor should be able to get the payment processed to the bank account at the earliest as it all comes down to profit for the vendor.

Features for the delivery executive

More often than not, the retailer takes care of the delivery. In rare instances, that might be a third party delivery executive involved in executing the last leg of the alcohol delivery process. It is to be taken into consideration that there are dangers involving the vendor consuming the alcohol or replacing it with bootlegged drinks and even absconding with high-value drink orders.

  • The delivery executive should be able to easily create a profile, and their authenticity should be verified by the app.
  • They should have the liberty to either accept or reject orders based on their convenience.
  • The payments for their delivery service should be processed to their bank account at the earliest.
  • They should be given incentives for that performance in terms of either number of deliveries or the quality of delivery.
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Features for the administrator

The administrator is responsible for the upkeep of the sanity and sanctity of the Uber for alcohol.

  • The administrator should be provided with real-time analytics to find out how many orders have been served, how much commission has been given for delivery agents, and if there has been a specific spike in a given timeframe.
  • The administrator is responsible for managing the marketing material, including but not limited to the content on the app, the promotional campaigns, discounts, and advertisements.
  • The administrator should have the power to manage vendors and users. They should be able to suspend users and vendors on account of bad behavior.


The profitability in both the near and far future in the business of alcohol delivery on demand has already been established. However, building your Uber for alcohol from scratch might be a cumbersome task. In order to minimize your efforts involved in Uber for alcohol delivery app development, you can consider using white label close of existing apps. They are extremely easy to customize and save you a lot in terms of both time and money. You can also be assured that there will not be any bugs that interfere with the basic functionality of the app.

All you need to do is get in touch with a company that specializes in the creation and customization of white label apps for alcohol delivery. They will take care to understand the requirements, customize your app, and deliver it to you, so you can be on the high of making amazing progress!


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