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The distinction between life and death is hazy and fuzzy at best. Who can say where one ends and another begins?

There are a lot of Haunted sights in this City who Never Sleeps Their residents may keep you awake at night or go home early. New York City can appear to be a very scary place. One thing you might not be thinking of – Ghosts…. Yes, they should also be feared while in New York. From historic haunted houses to long-term taverns, the tenants of these places may exude a creepy feeling or suddenly prompt you to change your plan. If you are brave enough to visit or go on a ghost tour, then the role of these supernatural activities will put you on high alert. So please keep your eyes open when reading about the most ghostly places in New York.

Some of the Scariest Places in and out of New York

The Bedford branch of the Brooklyn Trust Company in the 1890s

Finance itself is scary. But, coupled with some inexplicable, and possibly ghost-related activities, it looks much easier to have a negative balance in your checking account. The 19th-century 2500-square-foot bank now houses the Wintercheck Factory furniture studio, which is filled with horror stories. “We continued to find small pieces of paper in the building, some strange, sometimes even sinister pieces, with the writing on it slipped into the decorative strips and sandwiched between the floors,” Christine Winter Said Kristen Wentrcek.

Courthouse of Tweed

William “Boss” Tweed left a horrible story throughout the city, but ironically, he was allegedly sentenced in the court of the same name for his crimes, and his spirit is said to be re-examined. He was sentenced in 1873 and died in prison five years later. Tweed was found in court and he was sentenced. Once, the watchmen on night duty were so frightened by the noise and ghostly characters in the corridor that they even refused to enter the building.

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Spooky Ear Inn bar

It is said that this Soho landmark bar is one of the oldest drinking places in the city and has long enjoyed sponsoring his customers. As early as that day, sailors and seamen flocked to have a drink here. One of them has not yet returned home. A brash ghost called Mickey had faced a tragic ending: He was said to be a sailor, hit by a car in front of this bar and died, but he was mainly known for flirting with the ladies in the bar. Make Delta Airlines Reservations to visit NYC and experience the scares for yourself.

Ghostly Sagamore Resort

This 135-year-old Resort is located on a private island in Lake George, with fresh mountain air, magnificent lake views, and many self-proclaimed spirits. Stories of ghosts found in restaurants and golf courses have been circulating for many years. During your stay, please pay attention to all the terrifying residents who come all year round-the most famous of them is (supposedly) a little boy who sold his lost golf balls to a professional shop and was killed in a car hit. You may encounter his spirit, accompanied by some upward giggles.

One if it’s land, two if it’s sea

This ultra-romantic restaurant in West Village was once the coach house of the former vice president. It is speculated that he and his daughter Theodosia (Theodosia) were the souls who caused the wait staff to suffer heavy losses. Apparently, the champagne glass had broken and the hanging painting fell from the wall. It is said to have seen Theodosia on the stairs, and apparently passed the earrings from unsuspecting diners. There was also a lady in black who died of a broken neck that was probably caused by a fall from the stairs.

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Roosevelt Island’s Octagon

Before being rebuilt into a high-end high-rise building, this circular building had a creepy past as part of the New York City lunatic asylum from 1841 to 1894. The shelter is the subject of “Ten Days of Madness” published by journalist Nellie Bly. Abuse of patients. The existence of ghosts is yet to be debated, but a resident of the “New York Daily News” commented that his dog would stare at a corner and start barking as if there was something there.

The ghosts, goblins and other creepy crawlers in New York City account for a considerable proportion, and no corner of New York can avoid supernatural activities. You can visit  by making American Airlines Reservations and witness the activities by yourself .


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