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Effect of school closures on pupils:-

Dr. Gavin Morgan is a member of the Government Scientific pandemic group, said, “In this pandemic of coronavirus, it was contemporary need of government to shut all the schools across the country. But it affected the mental health and studies of students adversely.”

Now, the government announced to reopen schools in September. Psychologists alarmed the authorities in this situation. Many school pupils will require emergency assistance of experts because lockdown has affected their mentality and caused an irreplaceable loss of education. Every student is distressed due to this sudden closure of schools.


The educational experts advised the government to take extra measures to counsel pupils when they rejoin schools in September. Although it does not seem well to reopen all the schools in September, teachers will have to make extra efforts to each pupil to build a mental tendency towards studies. But if the government fails to reopen schools in September, it will cause more mental crisis to pupils. Authorities will need support from professional educational psychologists when the schools are reopened.

Dr. Gavin said, “we have to work extraordinary as it is like to pick up broken pieces and put them together once the schools are reopened.”

Students will face more problems now as they missed their regular classes, it will be more challenging maintaining active momentum. The daily class routine is exchanged with playing every time. It will have an adverse effect on pupils. Now it will be the responsibility of schools to counsel pupils regarding the stability of their routines.

A comparison between home-based education and school-based education:-

Schooling develops the personality of a child. He builds different relationships with other pupils and also with his teachers. It increases the psychological development of a student. While students do not get all these things from home. So, school-based education has a vital influence on the personality build-up of a child.

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As a result of this pandemic of the coronavirus, students lacked interaction with each other. They did not go to playgrounds. Hence they deprived of character-building practice in this epidemic. It affects more to primary school pupils than secondary school students who already have developed a mentality to interact with each other. The Lecturer of the University of Oxford, Prof Cathy Creswell, said that she surveyed 10,000 families of the UK, which showed that the primary school students are more affected in this lockdown to build up their character.


Suggestions by parents:-

All the parents across the country are worried about the future of their children. They have seen a negative impact of lockdown on their children. They noticed more disobedience and hysteric problems in the children who are aged four to ten years. Parents are facing behavioural and emotional issues at home by their children. Many assignments of students are also pending due to this lockdown as they could not approach some physical resources, in this pandemic Assignment writing service UK plays an important role in providing help to the students so that they can finish their pending assignments on time with perfection.


While on the other side, youngsters are busy with their friends via mobile phones, the internet, and computer during the lockdown. Parents did not notice any behavioural change in teenage children because teenagers are passed through various mental development levels. At the same time, it is natural for primary school children to become more distressed in lockdown due to the lack of interaction with other fellows and isolation at home.

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These children are the asset of our country, so proper support should be given to each child at the individual level. Parents are optimistic about helping their children to develop stability for regular classes in school. In a meeting, they said we would provide every kind of support to our children to compensate for the losses they have met either in the shape of studies or mental development. They demanded the setting up of professional psychiatrists in every school to encourage students morally.


Responsibility of government:-

Mr. Dame Til Wykes, the lecturer of King’s College London, said that the problems faced by school pupils might cause the crisis to our country at a national level, this lockdown will affect pupil of every age. As a report of the government, about nineteen million adult students are suffering from increased stress levels in Great Britain. It will result in more mental sickness, and we have to arrange treatment for these difficulties. He added that we are facing issues like lack of awareness among people. They are confused so much, and even they do not know how to act on this pandemic. They are worried about sending their children to schools. Moreover, government policies end up with no results, and it enhances their anxiety level.


A meeting held between Ministers on Friday, they discussed the reasons for failure to reopen schools. They decided to help pupils by allowing a special grant of one billion pounds to schools and colleges. All the teachers were happy to have this grant, but they alarmed that the government has to arrange more teachers for each school as the number of classrooms is going to increase in every school. The government has announced a social distancing of two meters among each pupil in the school. The faculty member is looking up to the Education Department for building up new rules to maintain safety in schools.

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On the other side, Boris Johnson announced that the rules would not be the same for all schools. These may vary according to available resources in each school. But the government is trying to make a list of useful rules to imply on schools for reopening. The two-meter physical distancing rule will be exempted for outdoor playgrounds, restaurants, and other public places. The corridors of schools will be marked with circles to maintain social distance, and there will be one side traffic in a line.


The Northwest areas outside London are more affected by a coronavirus, as a result, there is a high death rate. These areas have 636 primary schools already, having over-capacity of students. The government has to take emergency steps and provide these schools with full precautionary measures in this pandemic. Otherwise, we may bear an irreversible loss to our whole nation. But the reopening of schools is also an important work to do for the welfare of society. We hope the government will place significance on the mental and physical health of both pupils and faculty in their planning about the reopening of schools.


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