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The year 2020 has clearly portrayed the fact that no matter what happens, a few essential routines have to keep going. People were pushed to identify alternative ways to work, attend online classes, conduct seminars, etc. They turned towards well-established video-conferencing apps like Zoom, Airmeet. These solutions catered to users’ need for instant connection effectively. Many organizations, educational institutions, and other similar sectors benefited from these online video-conferencing solutions. If you are a business person, you can support your users by building and launching a Zoom/Airmeet clone app solution. You can develop and launch a scalable Zoom/Airmeet clone app in no time.

Business verticals that can adopt the video-conferencing solution:

The following business categories can make use of the apps like Zoom, Airmeet to connect instantly and host any session of their choice:

  • Startups
  • Corporate companies
  • Educational institutions
  • Communication with friends and family
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Interviews
  • Podcasts
  • Presentations

Enhanced feature-set of an app like Zoom/Airmeet:

When launching an online session hosting platform, you need to consider adding a few essential attributes that will entice more users towards your platform. A handful of such features are specified below:

Video preview and settings:

Users should be able to check themselves in the camera before they join a session when required. Video settings, such as disabling the video option, changing the background, etc., should be available in the app. 

In-app chat:

The app should have a chat facility to help users interact with each other if needed. This additional communication channel will surely attract many users towards your app. 

File-sharing feature:

Make sure that your app has the facility to share files of any format instantly. Also, ensure that your app is secure enough to transfer files between users. 

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Multi-user session:

The app should allow your users to add multiple participants to the session or meeting instantly. It is one of the most crucial attributes to be available in a video conferencing app. You can provide a free version where a limited number of participants can be added. The app can also provide a premium version where users can add any number of users by subscribing to any one of the paid packages. 

Screen sharing:

The main agenda of your Zoom/Airmeet clone is to connect people from various remote locations. When doing so, the app should include an attribute that allows the participants of the session to share their screens effortlessly. Users might need technical support, references to be shared, etc., at times, and this feature will help them with that. 

Recording sessions:

Ensure that the session or meeting recording feature is available in your video-conferencing solution. Recording is majorly required when users want to have a copy of the information shared in the session, use the data to carry out their projects, and more. Allow them to record and store their sessions on the cloud or to the device. 

Filters and emojis:

Apps like Zoom and Airmeet are also being used for personal communication at present. So, you can include multiple filters and emojis to the app. Users can make use of the emoticons or filters when they interact with their friends or family. This will ensure a fun-filled and highly interactive experience for your users. 


This feature is mainly beneficial for educational purposes. Teachers can use the whiteboard feature to add any graphics or images when teaching the class via your app. This way, students are sure to have a better understanding of the topic. 

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Live streaming:

This attribute allows users to live stream their audio or video content to multiple participants effortlessly. Conferences, workshops, meetings, etc., can make good use of the feature. 

Raise hands:

Users should be able to use this attribute during a session when they wish to express their concern or opinion or ask a question. The app should have an emoji that looks like a raising hand. Users must be able to use this emoji to get a chance to speak in between sessions. 

In-app polls:

During an ongoing session or meeting, a poll can be started to know the option towards which the majority of the participants lean. This will help in arriving at a solution for potential issues or problems. 

Mute the call:

This is a facility that benefits both the participants and the host. Participants of a session can use the mute option if they do not want other users to hear them or the disturbance that surrounds them. On the other hand, hosts can make use of this feature to mute a particular participant when required. 

Technology stack for Android and iOS Zoom/Airmeet clone apps:

Before proceeding to the development process, you should finalize the technology stack that you are going to employ in your app. Below-specified is a few suggestions of advanced technologies and tools that can be used to build a robust video-conferencing application. 

Android app – technology stack:

  1. Programming languages – Java, Kotlin
  2. SDK – Android SDK
  3. Video chat – WebRTC
  4. Toolkits – Android Studio

iOS app – Technology stack:

  1. Programming languages – Swift
  2. SDK – iOS SDK
  3. Video chat – WebRTC
  4. Toolkits – Apple Code
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Three APIs used by WebRTC:

  1. MediaStream
  2. RTC DataChannel
  3. RTCPeerConnection

Apart from these suggestions, you can discuss with your firm and choose additional tools or technologies for building your online session hosting platform. Providing an error-free app experience is the key to gaining a large user base. So, make sure that your app is developed with the most advanced set of app-building tools. For all this to be possible, you need to have a team of the following experts:

2 Android developers

2 iOS developers

1 Back-end developer

1 UX/UI Engineer

1 Tech Lead

1 Project Manager

1 Quality Assurance Engineer


Now would be the perfect time to develop and launch your Zoom/Airmeet clone app in the market. Find the best set of developers and explain all your requirements to them. Make your app live on multiple platforms at the earliest to acquire more users and get ahead of your competitors. Get started now!


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