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Every woman deserves to feel like a princess, at least once in their lifetime.

This one day is often the wedding day for most Indian brides. To feel like the royal that you are, you need the best Indian wedding dresses to make you look absolutely glamorous and fabulous on your D-day. How do you go about this? What are the things to consider when selecting the best Indian wedding dresses for women? We dig deep into these and more in this post!

Setting a Budget

We recently published a guide on How to Choose an Indian Wedding Dress for Brides.

Guess what came in as the first thing in the guide? Well, it’s about establishing a budget for your Indian dresses for wedding. We can’t stress this enough. But it helps to have a budget before you go shopping for wedding lehengas and sarees.

In India, wedding dresses may cost as much as 25% of your entire wedding budget. Depending on your plans, you might have to consider buying different dresses for the engagement ceremony, the Mehndi or Sangeet, and the actual wedding ceremony. But whatever price you set will make shopping for your wedding outfits a lot easier.

Deciding When To Start Shopping

Time is of the essence when choosing your wedding dresses.

With timing, no time is too early to begin looking at lehengas and sarees that may be fitting your big day. But be aware that being too late can be quite bad. We’d advise you to start looking around at least 9 months before the day.

If you think 9 months is too fast, some start shopping for wedding dresses as early as a year before they place their order. The earlier you start the better. Ordering and shipping your dress could take months. And your seamstress might still need some more time to make alterations and customizations. Why we don’t advise buying too early, it’s always great to start looking around for styles and inspiration as early as you can.

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Deciding Where To Shop for Wedding Dresses

Where you shop is just as important as when you start shopping.

Your budget may play some role here though. You can choose from shopping at small boutiques or big chains. Also, you may decide to conduct your entire wedding dress shopping online, especially if you’re not willing to travel long distances to check out wedding dresses.

Online stores, as well as large warehouses, are great places to shop for Indian wedding dresses as you’ll be able to browse through a large collection of dresses. The more options you have, the higher your chance of finding the perfect Indian wedding dress of your dreams!

Choosing Your Entourage Carefully

Two heads, they say are better than one.

So, your wedding entourage will play a role in helping you select the best outfits for your big day. It makes sense to exercise caution when choosing your companions for this. Rather than go with a multitude, you’ll be fine with one or two people to help you make your decisions.

Indian Wedding Dresses for Women

While two heads are better than one, too many cooks may spoil the broth. Just go with one or two people whose opinions you can trust. This way, you’ll be able to make faster and better shopping decisions. And besides, many bridal salons might find it challenging to entertain large groups of entourages within the confined spaces of their shops.

Shopping for Indian Wedding Dresses Online

The good news is you can find the perfect wedding dress online.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect wedding sarees, beautiful lehengas or lehenga-sarees, or just about any Indian wedding dress you need, there are online vendors where you can find dresses for every shape, style, and budget.

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Here at Fabricoz, we offer sarees of different types and styles as well as wedding lehengas that will make brides look absolutely stunning and breathtaking on their big days. We also offer free stitching services along with free shipping across the USA and everywhere in the world.

However, there are certain things you need to consider when shopping for Indian wedding dresses online with any vendor.

Get The Size Right

Wedding dresses are often not sized the same way as your casual dresses.

If you wear size 8 dresses, you might need a size 10 or 12 wedding dress size. The most important thing, however, is to get the measurements right so you know your dress will fit you perfectly. This is crucial when shopping for your wedding dresses online.

Here at Fabricoz, we help brides-to-be overcome this challenge with made-to-measure wedding dresses. At the point of placing your order, there are detailed instructions on how to take every necessary measurement to ensure the final delivery perfectly complements your body.

Selecting The Ideal Wedding Dress

Nowadays, it’s very easy to find what you want online.

But while you have an abundance of choices, selecting that one dress you like most will prove a tough challenge. You can check out our guide on How to Choose an Indian Wedding Dress for Brides to know more about how to choose the best fit for your body shape, height, and style preferences. You’ll also need the perfect blend of color and embroidery as well as jewelry and other things to accessorize your outfit.

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Shopping for the best Indian wedding dresses for women is almost always a tough challenge. But things will become much easier when you know what to expect along with the most important things that really matter.

From setting your budget to deciding when to start shopping, where to look for dresses, choosing your entourage, and much more, you’ll need to put in significant commitment and dedication to the process. Your wedding day is a big deal. So, it’s no doubt worth all of these efforts.

Start shopping for sarees and lehengas!

Luckily, shopping for your ideal wedding dress online here at a place like Fabricoz will take most of the hard work out of the process. You’ll be able to free up more time for other important things and have less to worry about as you approach your wedding day!

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