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Nowadays, besides the Bollywood and Hollywood industry, there is one more industry, which makes a special place in the hearts of all movie lovers. The industry is South Korean. In South Korea, there are many talented actors and actors, who gain people’s love and affection with their acting. You may often see South Korean celebrities’ news on television. They remain in the news just like other actors. 

There are so many male and female actors in this industry and they all are quite good looking. However, among all of the actors, a few actors or celebrities always remain in news headlines for their personal and professional life. Most of the time, the most wanted actors or people’s favorite actors, often come up on TV to interact with their fans or audiences. They just want to connect with their audiences as much as possible. 

Few All-Time Favorite South Korean Celebrities 

There are too many actors in this industry but very few of them gain a lot of people admirations and love and become an all-time favorite for all the movie lovers. With their work and acting, they hold a place in the heart of the audiences. Let see some of the South Korean actor’s names in detail.

1. Lee Min Ho

This actor is considered one of the topmost actors in the South Korean film or drama industry. With his superb acting skills, he manages to take place in the heart of his audiences. He became popular overnight almost. His first and most popular drama was Boys Over Flowers. It is a remake drama of Japan’s Hana Yori Dango. 

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Besides that, he also considers as A-listers since he did famous dramas like City Hunter and The Heirs. Right now, he serves his service in a mandatory military. After this service, we will again him in the movies. 

2. Ahn Sung Ki

Through this actor not becomes the current actor generation. He is one of the topmost favorite and talented actors of the 1960s. On the other hand, he is again one of the most respected actors in the South Korean industry. However, he appears in the movies still in his 60s. He also considered the national best actor. 

3. Lee Byung Hun

One might be very familiar with this Korean actor because he has done some Hollywood movies as well. Besides that, he is constantly doing South Korean movies and dramas. The names of his Hollywood movies are Terminator Genisys, The Magnificent Seven, and the G.I. Joe series. Though he remains in the news for his scandals as well. Moreover, he makes his position among the topmost talented actors in the Korean industry. 

4. Kim Soo Hyun

He gained worldwide popularity with his drama, my love. He has too many female fans following on the social media fo0r his good looking and charm. Kim soo Hyun is considered as Hallyu stars. He sang many songs as well in his movies or dramas. In addition, he holds constantly for several years as the best actor in the industry. 

5. Won Bin

This actor gains people’s admiration just after he done Autumn In My Heart. After that, he becomes everyone’s sweetheart for his acting and handsome look. He had done very few movies or dramas in his career though he proved his acting ability and skill through those projects. In 2019, he enlisted his name in the highest recognitions of all actors. Right now, he is not doing any movies or dramas. We may see him soon on the big screen. 

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Hence, here are few actors in the Korean industry who remain in news. This South Korean celebrities news, one may often notice on the TV. 

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