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Livestream Shopping is the practice of selling products directly to customers and viewers through live stream videos. Shopping online through Livestream shopping sites and social commerce is a rising eCommerce trend that will only continue to develop in the future, therefore businesses must learn how to do it properly and adapt to this new sales method. 


Continue reading the article to learn how to make the most of Live commerce:

  • Use Livestream content to its full potential.

Consider how content from Live shopping shows can be leveraged. Brands should think about creating content as comprehensive and helpful as possible, but don’t forget to keep the show entertaining for the audience.

  • Evaluate the outcomes

While conversion is the ultimate objective of Live video shopping shows, businesses may evaluate a wide range of results, including:

Customer information: What did the viewers spend or save their money on? What kinds of questions did viewers have? 


How will these findings influence future strategy?


Viewers are able to ask questions during a live commerce show and examine the goods outside of the content of a static product description page resulting in a shorter contemplation time and a lower return rate. Livestream shopping has a lot of promise for engaging audiences and increasing sales, so it’s a good idea for merchants of all types to look at how it fits into their overall e-commerce strategy.

  • It’s Important to Find the Right Influencer

Influencers, as a show’s host, are at the core of Livestream e-commerce purchasing. As brands pay Livestream hosts to be featured, and these hosts get a percentage on each item sold, selecting which influencers to invest in, which is a key stage in any influencer marketing campaign, becomes much more essential in Livestream shopping.

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Businesses must choose a host with good engagement rates, and it is up to the influencer to promote the live show and highlight items that will appeal to their audience.

Micro-influencers’ followings are lower so they have a better understanding of the kind of content or items their audience wants.


Additionally, Micro-influencers have much greater engagement rates than their higher-tier peers. This is because of the more customized content they provide which allows them to develop a much more amazing bond with them.

  • Maintain a straightforward approach.

Once you have gone live, talk calmly, and don’t overcomplicate things. You must be able to keep your audience’s attention for as long as possible if you want to optimize your Livestream e-commerce potential.

  • Make use of call-to-action

In live shopping shows you give your audience the opportunity to buy directly during the show. Hence the call-to-action for viewers (tap “Add to Bag” or “purchase now”) does not have to wait until the ending of the Shopping show.


When should you utilize a call to action?

  1. When the bulk of viewers have joined your live shopping show, towards the beginning.
  2. After you’ve explained each product feature, for example, take a pause.
  3. Just before you finish, provide a short recap of the product(s) you’re offering and a reminder of the features and advantages viewers will get if they buy now.
  4. Just before you finish, provide a short recap of the product(s) you’re offering and a reminder of the features and advantages viewers will get if they buy now.

  • Make the Deal Sweeter for buyers

Offering a discount, extra item, or free shipping is one of the most effective psychological tactics for selling through Live Shopping. To sweeten the bargain and urge them to click “Add to Bag!” combine your primary product with something tiny. While describing the offer, tell viewers how much money they’ll save or the worth of the extra item.

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  • Promote your Live shopping shows in advance

Make sure you inform your audience about your live shopping show ahead of time, even if it’s a few hours before it begins.

  • Boost the performance of your eCommerce website

So much for the ‘live’ aspect, but don’t forget to pay attention to the ‘commerce’ aspect as well. Live commerce is just one of many sales channels available to you, but it can help you achieve new heights and remain ahead of its competition in the coming future. But it’ll all be for nothing if you don’t already have a solid eCommerce website in place. You’ll need a strong website to sell more and better.



Live video shopping is a tool that forward-thinking eCommerce brands can use to reach out to new audiences, both domestic and international, in an environment where innovation is encouraged.


It’s also an ever-expanding area. The bond between customers and companies is getting better thanks to live streaming shopping. People who were previously passive participants have become regular users.


If you want to organize a live streaming shopping show for your business, Channelize.io‘s Live video shopping platform will help you host extremely engaging and entertaining live streaming shopping shows. Feel free to contact us at info@channelize.io if you’d like to understand better.