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Well-designed tiles, stones and grout not only boost your property’s aesthetic value, but also promote a healthy environment while adding a touch of beauty to your place. What could be better than a clean, gleaming bathroom or a kitchen to welcome a family? Unfortunately, with time, keeping up with cleaning becomes impossible – the dirt, grime and mold quickly sweep between the grout. This keeps kitchens and bathrooms dirty, no matter how much you clean them.


Over the years, companies have produced cleaning products that help with the tile and grout cleaning. Companies like Drillbrush power scrubber by Useful Products, Power Brush Machines Incorporation and Newark Brush offer some great products in the professional cleaning market. These companies know the value of a beautiful finish in kitchens and bathrooms. They also see the importance of keeping the rooms clean besides keeping them stylish. The grout is rough and porous and traps dark grime and mold. Understanding how the tiles get dirty and the different ways of cleaning them is essential to keep your floors sparkling clean.


Removing the Stubborn Dirt with Professional Products  


Professional cleaning products gives a brand-new look to the tiles, but it is as important to regularly maintain them. Mopping, sweeping, or vacuuming can also help to keep the grout and tiles clean. Only regular cleaning can clean the dirt getting into the grout and prevent mold growth. Some of the top professional products that can help effectively clean the tiles are listed below:


Drillbrush Power Scrubber – The Cordless Electric Drill

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Drillbrush Power Scrubber by Useful Products is as much a genius product as an American business success story. Anthony Lapolla launched the product in 2007, New York. The headquarters of the company are based in River Road, Marcy, New York. Anthony’s Carpel Tunnel Syndrome made tire cleaning a difficult process for him. One night he accidentally came up with a prototype that millions of people buy today. Drillbrush.com started off as a small local business administration (a limited liability company) that turned into a million-dollar business overnight. His company is the largest manufacturer, importer and seller of drill powered cleaning brushes. Today, this product is used globally and supplied to Canada, UK, Australia, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, U.A.E., Japan, The Netherlands, and over 200 other countries.


Though the products have multifaceted uses, the two most important functions are tile and grout cleaning. The tile and grout Drillbrush is a nylon cordless powered drill used for scrubbing and cleaning. Its power spinning scrubber combo works on tiles, bathrooms, tires, carpets, and wheels. The product has durable nylon bristles while the medium-stiff quality brush is used for general cleaning purposes. This brush is so strong that it can help eliminate aggressive stains and dullness on the tile surface and grout.


The Newark Brush Company


The Newark Brush Company was founded in the year 1894. The company grew rapidly, making brushes for the metalworking, automotive, textile industries and others. Over the last century, Newark Brush manufactured millions of brushes for different industrial applications. Today, the company is building brushes with variety of use, from 15-foot-long, multi-ton, and abrasive brushes the most critical processes ranging to delicate brushes used in the production of steel or washing of glasses and tiles.

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Their state-of-art equipment is primarily used in hard surface restoration. The company’s product is the preferred choice of customers when it comes to tiles and grout cleaning. It is cost-effective and gives quick results. It can restore the hard surface to its new, fresh and clean condition in less than a day. The impeccable cleaning product allows the users to always keep their surfaces spotless.


Cleaning Every Hidden Corner


The dirt, spills and bacteria can get into every corner of the house. The floors of your place should look clean after a proper scrubbing. Even if you leave out a single nook or corner of the tiles, it becomes home to bacteria that can badly affect your health. The most common problem is that of grout, where most of the bacteria and mold reside, and it is more difficult to clean than the tiles. Only mopping wouldn’t do. However, specialized equipment or professional products can make the cleaning task more manageable.


The products offered by the Drillbrush by Useful Products and Newark Brush can help reach certain areas of the grout resulting in odor-free and dirt-free places. Failing to clean grout or tiles can lead to floor discoloration. This is why a vast number of professionals use a combination of specialized scrubs and cleaners to provide deep cleaning services. The Tile and Grout Drillbrush and Sir Grout can clean your floors as good as professional cleaning.