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Food is considered the USP of any restaurant. But there is another factor that plays an equally important role—it is the furniture. It helps add a dash of character to the restaurant and plays a vital role in determining a restaurant’s success or failure. However, buying resto-bar furniture, for example, bar stools online in India may get a bit trickier if you are not clear about a certain point. Let’s understand these before you start spending on new restaurant furniture.

  • Theme

The furniture design has a significant impact on the theme and ambience of the restaurant. Not to forget that sometimes even the menu is named after the theme. So imagine, a restaurant that promises a village-like experience has grunge-themed furniture, wouldn’t that leave visitors confused? Besides, won’t it reflect that the restaurant (staff) is not committed to what it has been projected as? That is why it makes sense to buy furniture based on your restaurant’s colour, atmosphere, and brand identity.

Broadly, classic, modern, and vintage are some commonly used furniture designs for restaurants. Here’s a sneak peek into these furniture styles.

  • Classic design

One of the most used furniture styles, classic design mainly comprises wooden chairs and tables with upholstered seats and backs in warm and rich tones. Earthy brown, black, and grey tones are some other most preferred color schemes in classic design. Some restaurants may also choose an all-white, yellow, or blue theme too.

  • Modern Style

With sharper lines and sleek functionality, modern design is stylish, durable, and colourful. It comes in various shapes, sizes, and materials such as aluminium, wrought iron, high-quality plastic, a combination of wood, metal, and upholstery, etc. This variant of restaurant furniture design is also preferred because of its space-saving structure. For example, one may consider an Oxford metal bar stool, reclaimed wood stool, or a leather bar stool to buy online for a resto-bar set-up in a limited space.

  • Vintage Style

You may buy vintage-style furniture to add a rustic touch to a restaurant. Generally, a furniture piece should belong to the mid-century modern era and be well restored to be categorized as vintage. Within the vintage category, furniture dating back to the 1950s-1980s is considered retro. These days, industrial restaurant seating, which includes barstools and chairs made of metal frames with warm wood seats and backs, are among the top-selling furniture for large and open space warehouse-style restaurants.


Pro tip: If you cannot pick the right kind of furniture design for your restaurant, consider hiring an interior designer. If this may exceed your budget, check restaurant layout designs on Google and then start searching for a similar furniture type.

  • Space available

Well! Most restaurant owners remember that all furniture has to be compact enough to fit into the space available. But that should not be the only consideration. What also matters is the space left for moving around after the furniture has been accommodated into the room. Both the staff and the customers should get enough space to enter, leave, or walk around the premises. 

  • Quality

As for everything else, the quality of a restaurant’s furniture could be a deal-breaker. The paint peeling off at a nook or corner, creaking sounds, nail playing peekaboo, or an awkward shape, all this and more could happen when you buy cheap restaurant furniture. Getting these flaws repaired will cost you even more because it is not easy to discard all the furniture you have purchased. Besides, customers/diners may find such misses, nothing less than a rude shock. Therefore, it is wise to spend adequately and buy durable and well-built furniture for your restaurant. If you have a limited budget, buy a few good quality foldable furniture pieces along with the main movables. You may use the foldable furniture on days when there is an influx of visitors.

  • Customer service, returns, and refund

First, choose a reputable seller to buy restaurant furniture online. Most top online furniture stores offer flexible and transparent return and refund policies. The bottom line is not just going by the pictures and description of online furniture but also seeing whether the website has features of offering good customer service. This may include a 24X7 chat service, email service, contact details, expert interior designers to guide you, etc. One should also check whether there are any additional charges or deductions if a buyer wants to return the furniture s(he) has bought and the duration of the return process.

  • Compare prices

You can instantly and easily compare prices while buying restaurant furniture online. Never skip doing so as you may stumble upon some great deals this way. However, always prefer quality to price.

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Thorough research before buying resto-bar furniture will help save money and keep you away from stress in the long run.

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