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Outdoor living spaces continue to offer welcome havens for weary homeowners forced to enjoy a staycation. While the backyards of days gone by focused on basic lawns and gardens, today’s backyards create additional living space that allows homeowners to spend more of their summer outside. As a result, outdoor spaces must meet the same criteria as interior rooms offering both functional features in hand with beautiful surroundings. One trend that is improving outdoor living space is lighting.

Topping the list are affordable solar lighting options that offer the same adjustable, functional, and decorative lighting without the need for costly hard wiring. Solar lights offer hours of lighting, running on batteries charged by the sun. As lighting companies caught on to their popularity, designs became more innovative allowing homeowners to find options for just about any outdoor application. Here we look at the brightest solar light trends in 2020.

The World Through Rose Coloured Solar Lights

You can now choose from a palette of filters to add interest and excitement to your garden. Lighting can be cast to draw attention to trees, paths, and garden beds, or to set the mood when entertaining outside. Filters can be applied to a number of lighting options creating white light for functional spaces, or coloured light to transform a boring fence or wall into a dramatic backdrop. Mosaic lighting casts a multi-coloured glow like stained glass.

Solar Twinkle Lights

While the jury might be out on whether twinkle lights are tacky or magical, homeowners continue to vote for the latter. Twinkle lights offer a long list of uses from outlining buildings, trellises, gazebos and fences, to offering pretty lighting along walkways. They can be gathered in a ball to create interesting highlights in corners of the garden or be strung over seating areas to offer soft overhead lighting. The possibilities are endless allowing you to add a touch of sparkle to any of your landscaping features.

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Globes of Light

Globes make a subtle statement or can be used in larger sizes for more impact. The white glow is classic, while funkier, quirkier looks can be obtained using different colours. The globe is very in fashion right now, providing a sophisticated look to any garden, pool or patio.

Themes and Worlds with Novelty Lighting

Solar light designs have really evolved making it easier to find some totally unique lighting features. From nautical looks to various themes from creatures to footprints, you can create points of interest people have fun spotting in your garden.

Classic Entertaining with Patio Lanterns

This retro throwback is reminiscent of sipping martinis by the pool listening to cool jazz. You can also create more whimsical settings choosing from a wide selection of colours, materials and designs. There’s something for everyone and every occasion when it comes to patio lanterns.

Spotlights for Drama

Spotlights are not new to backyards or front yards for that matter. They allow you to cast light and shadows to add drama throughout your yard. However, today many garden designs use spotlights to add texture, shining lights on what might be a boring brick retaining wall by day, but an interesting textured garden feature by night.

LED Solar Deck

These handy little lights not only add interest to your deck but also provide safe lighting when entertaining. You can draw attention to unexpected steps, highlight different features such as built-in benches and add a nightclub feel to your outdoor entertaining space. Have an outdoor theatre? Deck lights can be used to keep it safe should anyone venture from the dark to get a drink or some snacks.

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Create Ambiance with Fence Lights

Fence lights create a warm embrace, dotting the perimeter of your garden with a comforting glow. They are easy to mount and can be placed in private areas to improve your security. Light can be directed up or down, or both depending on the type of shadow you wish to cast.

Double Duty Rock Lights

Some solar lighting can be a little unattractive in the day. An ongoing trend is solar rock lights ideal for spotlights. They look like rocks from the back and light up at night when the sun sets providing double duty for your garden lights.

Elegant Chandeliers

If dining al fresco is popular for your summer gatherings, elegant solar powered chandeliers add a touch of modishness over your dining tables. They can be hung from gazebos, pergolas and even tents, depending on their size and weight.

If these ideas are overwhelming you can speak to your Calgary electrician for advice on how to add solar lighting to your backyard.

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