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Gone are the days of your dependence on the old and traditional cash registers. They were quite massive and enormous as well as having a higher probability of errors. Manually generated errors are hard to avoid unless you use an automated system for the POS System.

1.Increasing the Sales in your Business with POS System

While running a new or existing business, you often dream of improving your sales and lessen your sales returns. The high profitability and high performance of your business are directly proportional to the extent of sales. Sales processes are simplified and made efficiently operational due to the POS Machine functionalities.

2. Mobility of POS System:

With Android and iOS devices you can expect your POS system to avail the feature of mobility. Now, like old cash registers, these systems are not robustly installed and fixed at a place. With the facility of android smart devices and iPads or iPhones, you can install the world’s best POS software.

3. Customer Service Excellence:

With the help of a POS system, you can elevate the level of customer services to the next level of hospitality. You can leave a pleasant impression on the minds of your customers by providing them. The best possible services that include sales processes and much more.

4. Invoice Printing and Emailing:

You can print the receipt on the instance of generation and hence customer gets a paper proof of what he bought from you. Furthermore, you can also email the receipts to the customers which is an additional feature and allow many conveniences.

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5. Tax Calculations

It is very hard to calculate tax for the manual system of cash registers and error is probable. With the facility of POS Machine, you can calculate tax for every invoice and pay to the government with ease whatever VAT (Value Added Tax) is to be paid.

6. Accuracy of Data

The POS system is highly accurate due to its complete reliability on the computerized calculations and organization of data. Each invoice’s calculation is accurate and there is no chance of manual errors. Human error probability is diminished and hence the accuracy of a high level is achieved.

7. Centralized Database:

The Point of sale offers a centralized database. Even if your business is expanded to multiple locations you can always have a centralized database that carries all the data and information of the system. Now you can manage all the locations of your business at once by accessing the database of your software.

8. Global Accessibility

This is one of the best features of cloud-based software which allows global accessibility at all times. You can access your business system or information just by having an internet connection and login and password. With the proper authentication and authorization, you can now reach your business information even if you are traveling by road to other places. The only limitation is internet availability.

9. Data Encryption

The security over the internet connection is also not an issue as the data to be transferred over the cloud-based software is encrypted. Encryption is the coding or decoding of data so that no unauthorized person can read it. Encryption uses an algorithm to code the sent message which is then decoded on the receiver’s end. This technique is extremely useful in data protection and security maintenance.


10. Every minute backup

The invoices are sent to the server automatically and every minute’s backup is available. Offline counter requires internet connectivity for the first time and then it can be operated in offline mode. On connection with the server, all the data in the offline counter is fetched and reaches the server where it gets posted successfully.

11. Multi-lingual System

The software of the POS System is available in multiple languages which increases its diverse scope of customers from different ethnic backgrounds and speaking different languages. You can also add equivalent names of an item or salesman in two or more languages. This allows for greater flexibility and diversity of the system.

12. Easy Management of Items

Each Item group is composed of different items which means you can group the items accordingly. The gigantic amount of inventory items are easily managed and organized effectively.

13. Pictorial Images of Item Groups

The pictorial images of the item groups make the POS System user friendly and easy to understand. With the unique images of item groups, you can easily identify different groups of items. Also, there are three types of items like inventory, service and sales group, etc.

The Conclusive Notion

Now you can completely rely on the SMACC POS System to improve the revenue generated from your business as well as keeping your business information at your fingertips. It will help you achieve great milestones of success by making the best possible decisions for your business’s efficiency. Hence a tremendous impact is cast over your business.